Synonyms for Sorry:


despicable (adjective)
despicable, pathetic (adjective)
dismal, worthless, shabby, cheap, deplorable, paltry, mean, beggarly, inadequate, sad, trivial, small, insignificant, unimportant, trifling, distressing.
insufficient (adjective)
penitent (adjective)
melted, conscience-stricken, Compunctious, sorrowful, touched, apologetic, repentant.
regretful (adjective)
contrite, rueful.
remorseful, regretful (adjective)
penitential, touched, repentant, Compunctious, contrite, penitent, melted, conscience-stricken, apologetic.
sad, heartbroken (adjective)
melancholy, unhappy, sorrowful, pitiful, rueful, bad, mournful.


ashamed, feel/look small, uncomfortable, foolish, guilty, abashed, embarrassed. excruciating, unimportant, despicable, adequate, unspeakable, downright, utter, cheap, trivial, plentiful, shabby, trifling, mean, paltry, inadequate, scrubby, hopelessly, insignificant, small, beggarly, thorough, utterly, such as it is, sadly. someone will live to regret something, apologetic, regret. disillusioned, dissatisfied, dismayed, penitential, discontented, disgruntled, disenchanted, Compunctious, disappointed. sad (noun)
melancholy, mournful.
sorry (noun)
distressing, good-for-naught, dreary, good-for-nothing, sorry for, uncheerful, drab, dismal, cheerless, penitent, gloomy, regretful, pitying, drear, no-count, ruthful, worthless, compassionate, meritless, remorseful, rueful, unhappy, contrite, pitiful, bad, dingy, lamentable, no-account, repentant, sad, deplorable, no-good.

Other synonyms:

guilty, penitential, hopelessly, uncomfortable, ashamed, foolish, embarrassed, Compunctious, abashed. excruciating, unspeakable, sadly, disappointing. unlucky. contrite
apologetic, contrite.
remorseful, conscience-stricken.

Usage examples for sorry

  1. You feel so sorry for them, you would like to ask them what it all is; you would like to help them if you could. – The Soul of a People by H. Fielding
  2. Well, I am sorry you had so much trouble. – An Artist in Crime by Rodrigues Ottolengui
  3. " I am sorry for it," said Burgo-" very sorry indeed." – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope