Synonyms for Homespun:


all (adjective)
nubby, slubbed, tweedy, nubbly.
handmade (adjective)
spun from home (adjective)
plain, rustic, crude, rough, simple, homemade, unrefined, handmade, unsophisticated.
vulgar (adjective)
cockney, clumsy, barbaric, revolting, coarse-grained, unpolished, rude, chintzy, unseemly, repulsive, tasteless, gross, earthy, outlandish, idiomatic, common, broad, boorish, depraved, ill-bred, brutish, in bad taste, coarse, inelegant, glaring, graceless, offensive, rough, garish, gaudy, brazen, colloquial, crass, philistine, animal, cheap, vulgar, raw, crude, obscene, indelicate, base, ignominious, profane, scandalous, undignified, tactless, barnyard, salty, low, sordid, rank, unbecoming, tawdry, unrefined, degraded, ignoble, sleazy, shameless.


Clingy, A-LINE, best, button-down, button-through, handmade, casual, baggy, boot-cut, domestic, brief, backless. homely, unadorned, artless, easy, natural, make sense, straightforward, clear-cut, plain, apparent, rustic, understandable, evident, manifest, intelligible. homespun (noun)
homemade, rural, homespun fabric, unsmooth, tweedy, folksy, nubbly, cracker-barrel, rough, slubbed, nubby.
plain (noun)
homey, unassuming, rustic, simple, unsophisticated.

Other synonyms:

unadorned. artless, homely. rustic. natural. genial
Other relevant words:
handmade, artless, brief, manifest, baggy, rustic, Clingy, intelligible, evident, boot-cut, nubbly, rural, button-through, easy, homely, button-down, unsmooth, straightforward, tweedy, folksy, apparent, best, plain, natural, casual, unadorned, simple, clear-cut, unsophisticated, understandable, backless, nubby, unassuming, A-LINE, homespun fabric, slubbed, homey, homemade, cracker-barrel, domestic.

Usage examples for homespun

  1. " There's an opening now, neighbour Homespun for an ambitious man," he said, " sin' his Majesty has lost his stoutest general." – The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
  2. So, before telling his news, Kosmaroff sat down and ate, while Wanda waited on him, and Prince Bukaty poured out wine for this rough man in the homespun clothing and heavy boots of the Vistula raftsman, who yet had the manner of a gentleman and that quiet air of self- possession in all societies which is not to be learned in schools nor yet acquired at any academy. – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman