Synonyms for Ignoble:


low (adjective)
ill-bred, lowborn, undignified.
lowly (adjective)
baseborn, unwashed, Declassed.
lowly, unworthy (adjective)
base, degraded, plebeian, shameful, unwashed, humble, disgraceful, vulgar, vile, sordid, mean, common, contemptible, baseborn, abject, low, despicable, dishonorable, corrupt, wicked, coarse.
vulgar (adjective)
cheap, philistine, boorish, chintzy, barnyard, degraded, rough, ill-bred, crude, sleazy, unrefined, undignified, unseemly, rude, outlandish, crass, revolting, rank, cockney, gross, base, coarse-grained, colloquial, idiomatic, common, tawdry, tactless, in bad taste, obscene, garish, vulgar, indelicate, homespun, scandalous, clumsy, broad, shameless, raw, earthy, animal, graceless, low, repulsive, brutish, salty, ignominious, sordid, inelegant, profane, tasteless, depraved, unbecoming, brazen, gaudy, unpolished, coarse, offensive, glaring, barbaric.


lowly (adverb)


lowly (adverb)
humble, abject.


embarrassed, awkward, painful, humiliating, embarrassing, guilty, unfortunate. humble, baseborn, unwashed, plebeian, lowly, over, Declassed. ignoble (noun)
contemptible, lowborn, ungentle, dishonorable, currish, despicable, meanspirited, mean, untitled, base, dishonourable.
shameful (noun)
wicked, corrupt, shameful, disgraceful.

Other synonyms:

Declassed, low-down. lowly, plebeian, baseborn, unwashed, wicked. squalid. vile. infamous
Other relevant words:
mean, lowly, lowborn, plebeian, squalid, unwashed, untitled, currish, dishonorable, vile, wicked, Declassed, abject, humble, despicable, contemptible, dishonourable, low-down, ungentle, corrupt, meanspirited, baseborn, awkward, disgraceful, shameful.

Usage examples for ignoble

  1. Like a bolt from heaven the consciousness of his past ignoble conduct had flashed upon him. – Legends of the Rhine by Wilhelm Ruland
  2. They must always retain something of ignoble in their manner. – A Treatise on the Art of Dancing by Giovanni-Andrea Gallini