Synonyms for Damage:


wrong (adjective)


failing, inadequacy, deficiency, weakness, shortcoming, Achilles' Heel. disqualify, mischief, community service, disqualification, extradition, bail, noncustodial, fine, impound. prejudice, detract from, demolition, impair, sabotage, better, the ravages of something, vitiate, Disserve. defense, fixation, complex, conditioning, defense mechanism, catharsis, fixated, delusion, exorcism. blemish (noun)
drawback, disfigurement, brand, lesion, impurity, distortion, rift, defacement, stigma, abrasion, spoilage, wart, scab, imperfection, weal, sore, eyesore, deformity, discoloration, blotch, fault.
breakage (noun)
damage (noun)
impairment, terms, harm, hurt, legal injury, equipment casualty, wrong, price, scathe.
event (noun)
impairment, harm.
havoc (noun)
injury, loss (noun)
destruction, depreciation, blemish, catastrophe, hardship, devastation, mishap, harm, ravage, blow, reverse, contamination, spoilage, affliction, wound, evil, breakage, impairment, pollution, casualty, wreckage, infliction, bane, adversity, ruin, accident, wrong, mischief, deprivation, outrage, waste, bruise, disturbance, hurt, debasement, disservice, corruption, illness, adulteration.
price (noun)
levy, expense, dearness, price, duty, value, outlay, cost, quotation, rate, tariff, premium, tab, figure, amount, toll, charge, worth, tax.
ruin (noun)


blemish (verb)
freckle, fleck, chip, disfigure, mar, gash, scrape, mark, slit, deface, speck, distort, spoil, blot, stain, kink, defect, pockmark, scuff, discolor, taint, scar, check, blister, splotch, abrade, tarnish, score, fracture, scratch, spot, deform, hurt, nick, flaw, hack, dot, notch, blemish.
cause injury, loss (verb)
mangle, disfigure, scratch, spoil, vitiate, scathe, wreck, tarnish, injure, mar, impair, deface, discolor, stain.
damage (verb)
rend, ransack, ravage, vandalize, wreak havoc, ruin, wreck, waste, Depredate, pillage, despoil, breakage, lay waste.
injure (verb)
injure, mangle, harm, wound, offend, ache.

Other synonyms:

disrepair, conditioning, bruise, Disserve, offset, overshadow, catharsis, impair, devastation, loose on, cancel out, wear and tear. exorcism, wreckage, neutralize, destruction, fixated, defense mechanism, fixation, demolition. delusion, corruption, vitiate, sabotage. complex. decay, collapse. defense. deform
lay waste.
Other relevant words:
infliction, collapse, wrong, debasement, disaster, detract from, corruption, neutralize, breakage, equipment casualty, disrepair, legal injury, inadequacy, canker, catastrophe, overshadow, deficiency, adulteration, outrage, scathe, pollution, vitiate, prejudice, devastation, hardship, blow, offset, fixated, adversity, bane, reverse, shortcoming, wear and tear, conditioning, deprivation, destruction, fixation, erosion, evil, ruination, failing, delusion, sabotage, havoc, depreciation, impairment, bruise, weakness, affliction, contamination, disservice, accident, illness, mishap, vandalism, disturbance, Disserve, loss, mischief, decay, wreckage, terms, casualty, impair, demolition, spoliation, misfortune, defense.

Usage examples for damage

  1. I also promised to pay for all the damage I had done, and to give them a full receipt for the bills of exchange. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. We went over things carefully, and fortunately found that the damage was not very great. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
  3. But there was no damage done and, feeling on the other side Joyce discovered that it had no glass. – The Boarded-Up House by Augusta Huiell Seaman