Synonyms for Wolf:


bat, black bear, badger, wooer, angora, gallant, casanova, cur, Don Juan, lecher, cannibal, glutton, lothario, suitor, flirt, anteater, bighorn sheep. chomp, champ, bite, devour, womanizer, chow down, cannibalize, choke down, lady killer, man on the make, demolish, philanderer, bolt, crunch. mammal (noun)
giraffe, hippopotamus, mole, elephant, goat, opossum, camel, bison, ferret, koala, beaver, camelopard, yak, jaguar, horse, fox, elk, cougar, rabbit, antelope, skunk, rhinoceros, shrew, stoat, wallaby, bear, chinchilla, hedgehog, cow, caribou, cheetah, kangaroo, pig, gnu, panda, mink, ox, reindeer, leopard, stag, Lynx, ocelot, bobcat, buffalo, gazelle, otter, mouse, dingo, polecat, mongoose, arctic fox, lemming, hamster, mule, dog, cavy, hyena, llama, sheep, tiger, weasel, rat, marmot, hog, burro, porcupine, moose, deer, zebra, lion, sloth, jackal, donkey, squirrel, echidna, raccoon, ermine, dromedary, chipmunk, platypus, coyote, hare, cat, sable, alpaca, possum, wombat, swine, puma, ibex, gopher, panther.
person (noun)
Friedrich August Wolf, Hugo Wolf.
wolf (noun)
Hugo Wolf, wildcat, savage, brute, beast, Friedrich August Wolf, wolf down, masher, woman chaser, skirt chaser.


consume sloppily and fast (verb)
bolt, devour.
consumption (verb)
wolf down.

Other synonyms:

womanizer, lady killer. casanova, philanderer. bolt. consume
chow down.
friedrich august wolf
Friedrich August Wolf.
Don Juan.
Other relevant words:
crunch, Don Juan, bite, cannibalize, woman chaser, bat, Hugo Wolf, flirt, casanova, womanizer, philanderer, anteater, champ, masher, angora, demolish, lothario, bolt, skirt chaser, wolf down, glutton, lady killer, badger, brute, cur, cannibal, wildcat, wooer, devour, man on the make, Friedrich August Wolf, savage, suitor, lecher, gallant, beast, chomp.

Usage examples for wolf

  1. She opened the door and went in, and found the wind seated in the room all by himself, and she spoke to the wind and said: 'Wind, have you seen the white wolf – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  2. It was as if the man were speaking to the wolf – The Untamed by Max Brand