Synonyms for Stricken:


afflicted (adjective)
smitten, sick, hurt.
enamored (adjective)
hurt (adjective)
wounded, injured, harmed.
obliterated (adjective)
censored, obliterated, Eradicated, cut, Expunged, Deleted, Omitted, expurgated, Erased, Eliminated, Annulled, Canceled, edited.
overwhelmed (adjective)
afflicted, moved, desolate, overcome.
removed (adjective)
struck, Erased, Deleted, Expunged.


unhealthy, worse, frail, unwell, infectious, unfit, failing, fragile. kaput, Trashed, down, wrecked, faulty, flawed, apart, broken. hurt (noun)
harmed, injured, hurt, wounded.
overwhelmed (noun)
overcome, desolate.
stricken (noun)
ill, struck, laid low, affected, smitten, sick, afflicted.


attacked (verb)
Attacked, Fought, raped, Flayed, Rioted, Trounced, Lashed, Combated, Stormed, savaged, assaulted, battered, Invaded, Assailed, violated, scorched, Raided, Lunged, Scathed, slashed, harried, barraged, Pounded, thrust, Hammered, Scarified, charged, Bombarded.
motivated (verb)
Bumped, driven, Jerked, Enticed, shot, Fomented, Flung, Lobbed, moved, Instigated, goaded, pitched, Propelled, motivated, fired, Punched, Jogged, Hastened, Urged, Energized, fermented, magnetized, Jostled, Shoved, Pushed, Knocked, Hurtled, inspired, forced, induced, Slung, Prodded, jolted, thrown, Rammed, drove, nudged, impelled, Hurled, Threw, catapulted, stimulated, Poked, triggered, Launched, heaved, provoked.
obliterated (verb)
obliterated, Eliminated, Deleted, Eradicated, Omitted, Erased, censored, Canceled, annihilated, edited, expurgated, cut, Annulled, struck, Expunged.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
frail, hurt, desolate, ill, sick, unhealthy, kaput, unwell, wounded, Trashed, affected, afflicted, injured, fragile, flawed, down, overcome, laid low, unfit, failing, broken, wrecked, worse, faulty, infectious, smitten, apart, harmed.

Usage examples for stricken

  1. Behold I am stricken and out of place." – Kai Lung's Golden Hours by Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc
  2. He stood as one stricken dumb all in a moment. – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  3. The high lords listened horror- stricken to the calm way in which the youth uttered these words, and they saw each other's faces growing pale. – The Slaves of the Padishah by Mór Jókai