Synonyms for Rot:


aggravation, wreckage, descent, contamination, perversion, degradation, regression, lapse. go bad, go off, perish, better, taint, fester, deteriorate, go to, biodegrade, thrive, mold, curdle, go to pot. decline, descend into, go down, deepen, worsen, escalate, slip into, spiral. landfill, remains, e-waste, litter, debris, ruin, junk. corrosion, disintegration (noun)
decomposition, decay, mold, putrefaction.
decay (noun)
study at decay.
disintegration (noun)
dissolution, degeneration, spoilage, decomposition, putrefaction, disintegration, chaos, gangrene, dissection, mortification.
garbage, nonsense (noun)
bunk, hogwash, rubbish, balderdash, guff.
humbug (noun)
tush, twaddle, bosh.
rot (noun)
decomposition, waste, molder, dogshit, moulder, decompose, bunk, hogwash, bunkum, guff, bull, Irish Bull, rotting, buncombe, putrefaction.
untruth (noun)
falsehood, falseness, untruth, fallacy, baloney, rubbish, lie, balderdash, malarkey, fib, hogwash.


body (verb)
corrode, deteriorate (verb)
fester, go to pot, spoil, go bad, taint, disintegrate, decompose, perish, degenerate, molder, crumble, putrefy, worsen, decline, turn.
disintegrate (verb)
decay, crumble, shatter, disintegrate, turn, putrefy, anatomize, dissect, dissolve, rupture, break, decompose, spoil, mortify, fracture, degenerate.

Other synonyms:

Irish bull
Irish Bull.
fester, perversion, taint, lapse, degradation, regression, descent. contamination, wreckage. aggravation. deteriorate. degenerate
go bad.
Other relevant words:
dogshit, junk, bunkum, bunk, remains, twaddle, e-waste, lapse, debris, aggravation, landfill, taint, wreckage, buncombe, biodegrade, guff, worsen, contamination, escalate, better, perish, thrive, descent, rotting, curdle, moulder, tush, deteriorate, molder, bosh, degradation, go off, bull, fester, deepen, regression, waste, spiral, litter, perversion, go to pot, go bad, mold, ruin, decline.

Usage examples for rot

  1. He talked a lot of rot about its being the easiest death. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. The Space Force, I remember, does not re- use names of lost ships: some says Very Proper Feeling some say Superstitious Rot – The Lost Kafoozalum by Pauline Ashwell