Synonyms for Corruption:


deceit, Double dealing, guile, foul play, duplicity, deception, smoke and mirrors, misconduct. fraud, venality, excess, racket, crime, shuffle, misrepresentation, malfeasance, wrong, enormity, extortion. clean, destruction, ruin, the ravages of something, sabotage, harm, flagitiousness, damage, turpitude, devastation, villainy, havoc, demolition, bestiality. honest. style, solecism, barbarism, vulgarism. adulteration (noun)
debasement, rot, putrefaction, pollution, distortion, decay, rottenness, putrescence.
attribute (noun)
baseness (noun)
sinfulness, immorality, depravity, degeneration, vice, evil, wickedness, turpitude, perversion, degradation.
corruption (noun)
degeneracy, subversion, corruptness, putrescence, rottenness, depravity, putridness.
crime (noun)
immorality, criminality.
deformity (noun)
bend, disfigurement, flaw, deformity, perversity, freakishness, contortion, asymmetry, irregularity, distortion, lopsidedness, crookedness.
deterioration (noun)
atrophy, putrefaction, deterioration, degeneration, decline, decay, retrogression, dilapidation.
dishonesty (noun)
crime, extortion, insincerity, Improbity, chicanery, deceitfulness, dishonesty, treachery, fraudulence, fraud, traitorousness, shuffle, venality, craftiness, hypocrisy, prevarication, underhandedness, deviousness, racket, unscrupulousness, malfeasance, crookedness, misrepresentation.
evil (noun)
guilt (noun)
guilt, transgression, red-handedness, culpability, incrimination, implication.
pollution (noun)
vice (noun)
blameworthiness, blackness, impropriety, sinfulness, sadism, sin, Damnability, iniquitousness, indecency, obnoxiousness, reprehensibleness, sinisterness, vice, debasement, perversion, evildoing, immorality, villainousness, badness, debauchery, depravity, wickedness, perverseness, criminality, baseness, feloniousness.

Other synonyms:

crime, extortion, guile, duplicity, smoke and mirrors, misconduct, deceit, bestiality, Double dealing, foul play, flagitiousness, deception. barbarism, solecism, villainy, vulgarism, damage. racket. contamination
Other relevant words:
crime, barbarism, destruction, damage, villainy, degeneracy, fraud, putrescence, malfeasance, racket, Double dealing, putridness, rottenness, harm, extortion, ruin, bestiality, foul play, rot, misrepresentation, wrong, corruptness, pollution, subversion, solecism, turpitude, chicanery, evil, shuffle, venality, havoc, deceit, flagitiousness, vulgarism, degradation.

Usage examples for corruption

  1. The Basdewas trace their origin to Wasudeo, the father of Krishna, and the term Basdewa is a corruption of Wasudeo or Wasudeva. – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  2. The letting- go of which was the occasion of all that corruption – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown