Synonyms for Evaluate:


take a long hard look at someone/something, take something into consideration, think out, think over. take the measure of, assay, size up. appraise (noun)
study at estimate, decide.
evaluate (noun)
measure, valuate, assess, appraise, value.


analyze (verb)
judge, study, figure, consider, test.
assay (verb)
balance (verb)
calculate (verb)
count, quantize, judge, gauge, calculate, scheme, conclude, consider, measure, surmise, systematize, presume, account, total, score, compute, divide, plan, rank, multiply, assess, guess, tally, schedule, triangulate, sum, add, study, determine, approximate, value, plot, appraise, program, think, rationalize, enumerate, infer, quantify, reckon, deduce, weigh, figure, suppose, rate, estimate.
class (verb)
score, account, divide.
estimate (verb)
count, guess, compute, reason, think, determine, enumerate, plan, deduce, suppose, surmise, sum, scheme.
evaluate (verb)
reckon, valuate, decide, size up, assess, estimate, gauge, calculate, survey, appraise, assay, rate, value, weigh, rank.
measure (verb)
scale, survey, calibrate, benchmark, test.
think (verb)
concentrate, cerebrate, debate, brood, meditate, deliberate, imagine, ponder, speculate, envision, analyze, muse, reflect, reason, cogitate, contemplate.

Other synonyms:

think over, size up, think out. analyze
figure, assay.
gauge, calibrate.
take the measure of, valuate.
Other relevant words:
assay, valuate, take the measure of, think over, decide, size up.