Synonyms for Audit:


attendance, enroll, absence, board, drop out, entrance, attend, absenteeism, enrollment. 1040 form, allowance, claw back, the Boston Tea Party, corporate welfare, 1099, chancellor of the exchequer, chargeable. examine, go over, monitor, study, check over. search, due diligence, analysis. audit (noun)
inspect, scrutinise, audited account, scrutinize.
examination (noun)
inspection, review, examination, scrutiny.
inspection of financial records (noun)
analysis, review, check, examination, report, scrutiny.
possession (noun)
audited account.
statement (noun)
statement, report.


ascertain (verb)
certify, substantiate, demonstrate, determine, prove, establish, ascertain, verify, assure, find out, confirm, double check.
cognition (verb)
scrutinise, scrutinize, inspect.
inspect financial records (verb)
go over, scrutinize, examine, verify.
list (verb)
chronicle, document, register, account, note, digest, invoice, Journalize, tally, record, budget, count, itemize, list, total, book, enumerate, tabulate, catalog, recount, log, file, check, inventory, store, summarize, collect, schedule, table, index, score, detail.

Other synonyms:

chancellor of the exchequer, claw back, enroll, enrollment, examine, entrance, absenteeism, corporate welfare, attend, examination, drop out, the Boston Tea Party. statement. chargeable, allowance. Other relevant words:
audited account, study, report, review, scrutinize, chargeable, enrollment, analysis, inspection, statement, absenteeism, attend, examine, monitor, go over, inspect, check over, enroll, scrutinise, scrutiny, examination.

Usage examples for audit

  1. Good my Lord, You are full of Heauenly stuffe, and beare the Inuentory Of your best Graces, in your minde; the which You were now running o're: you haue scarse time To steale from Spirituall leysure, a briefe span To keepe your earthly Audit sure in that I deeme you an ill Husband, and am glad To haue you therein my Companion Car. – Henry-VIII by Shakespeare, William