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depart (verb)

exit, leave, embark, depart, withdraw, quit, decamp, flee, abandon, go.

fractional (adjective)

fragmentary, segmental, fractional, quarter, semi, third, half, sectional.

Other synonyms:

scatter, routine, tell, split up, divvy, come on, rive, let on, go against, whereabouts, ramify, spell, fictional character, dole, damp, department, pulley, offend, composition, fall out, backstory, cancel, stir up, bust, division, component, fragmentize, use, role, break away, whole, bankrupt, Co., molecule, bucket, baddy, spokesperson, fortune, crack, protrude, substructure, passage, chip, recrudesce, mapping, component, depart, fictitious character, divide, furcate, trip, government agency, tell apart, calve, come apart, neighborhood, procedure, remission, blow-dry, coda, button, dissever, element, intervention, decompose, set about, balance, graphic symbol, ploughshare, collapse, cameo, interpreter, bolt, innards, luck, break down, plowshare, range, pop, percentage, detonate, capacity, wear out, differentiate, particle, assort, credit, function, discussion section, social function, subtract, give way, partly, separate, destiny, center, eccentric, single out, firearm, secern, organic, breach, prompt, break off, chain, ball bearing, country, defriend, bulge out, take up, finish with, lever, come out, piece, chorus, rod, conk out, setting, shrink, image, batch, break out, fracture, office staff, ad-lib, amount, do, airspace, deduct, bad guy, surgical incision, set-off, crack up, smash, billet, bump, break in, jump, lay out, crock up, sort out, intrusion, so far as one is concerned, forgiveness, pick, breadbasket, trigger, canal, fall apart, nut, installment, partway, dowery, absolution, take off, phonation, cavity, digress, map, voice, farewell, severalise, parting, quality, brace, rasher, pull up stakes, representative, division, crash, musical composition, spot, percent, forbearance, backlog, line, arpeggio, braid, circumstances, district, instigate, instalment, begin, sliver, reference, take leave, subprogram, comic relief, cadence, action, objet d'art, contribution, commence, expound, slab, disunite, take time off, interrupt, fragment, office, originate, situation, mathematical function, spark, collect, get out, ruin, accumulation, the borderland, recess, get around, denouement, leave-taking, atom, splinter, exposit, disjoint, subroutine, good guy, infract, go away, amnesty, scene, air division, occasion, set forth, small-arm, exeunt, break-up, art object, heroine, subdivision, donation, comb out, get down, let out, county, variance, while, location, array, break dance, weaken, sidetrack, share, blow up, severalize, machine, personally, chamber, fiber, purpose, involvement, carriage, berth, cornrow, wear, affair, entrails, break open, dissolve, stand aside, gear, discover, offset, share, drop, lift off, develop, cut off, agency, fitting, scrap, sort, spring, stop, bulge, vocalization, position, deviate, participate, venue, section, break apart, camshaft, vox, ancillary, secernate, oblivion, molding, burst, block, get, wheel, portion, ingredient, character, sectionalization, persona, alias, excerpt, detail, activate, halfway, get off the ground, place, segmentation, embark on, shaft, lineament, grammatical constituent, back, comb, opus, business office, per centum, dampen, bit part, backcomb, plane section, unwrap, vary, breakbeat, fall in, member, sectionalisation, erupt, apparatus, patch, frame, replacement, bearing, discriminate, integrant, portion, bug out, get going, naval division, fragmentise, belt, pop out, content, retreat, fate, adjourn, partially, go bad, dowry, segment, founder, fraction, crimp, arithmetic, single-valued function, partial, mercy, electron, trigger off, set out, take apart, vocalisation, violate, articulation, act, extra, dump, atom, cue, back away, aside, goodie, corridor, serving, descant, constituent, clutch, character reference, fail, federal agency, cave in, touch off, relegate, partitioning, intermit, start up, distinguish, bureau, carve up, piece of music, area, dissipate, side, contrivance, the credits, interference, class, locale, participation, split, classify, startle, transgress, demote, piece, total, start, man, start out, theatrical role, post, crescendo, divulge, type, region, perspective, flourish, resolve, section, exclusion, particle, spark off, barbershop, pct, case, site, actuate, engagement, give away, reveal, casting, lump, stage direction, hero, straggle, draw back, disperse, entry, give, incite, disrupt, organ, acquittal, pause, dower, incompletely, cam, kick downstairs, accompaniment, better, explode, backtrack, component part, disclose, pull away, shard, snap off, building block, discontinue, fractional, diverge, bring out, give out, realm, band, counterpoint, check, break, fibre, base, grapheme, expose, initiate, authority, social occasion, power, dispel, unit, guts, soften, vocalism, condition, lead off.

Examples of usage:

I know we must part. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

" You fellows must do your part, though. - "Left Guard Gilbert", Ralph Henry Barbour.

I'm the man for this part! - "The Last Shot", Frederick Palmer.

Similar words:

spare part, tenth part, take part, private parts, trailer park, republican party, three-party, two-party, stag party, states' rights democratic party.

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