Synonyms for Number:


conglomeration, exception, abundance, spectacle, occasion, product, aggregate, sum total, plenty, happening, totality, novelty, aberration, plenitude, curiosity, paradox, whole. include, build in, incorporate, involve, count in, representation, take in, embrace, add-on, emblem, fraction. batch, accumulation, block, capacity, too much to count, countless, many, backlog, innumerable, allocation, balance. antecedent, accusative, article, case, cleft sentence, clause, tell, allomorph, collocate, adjunct, allophone. allegro, andante, bass, cantata, arrangement, increase, chant, reach, air, concerto, adagio, run into, chorus. christen, call after, baptize, call, answer to, go by, name after, computation, number off. base, cube, Arabic Numeral, arithmetic progression, constant, common multiple, cube root, coefficient, common factor. 911, 1800 number, 1471, 0, 900 number, 800 number, 190 number, 999, 411, 0800 number. act (noun)
amount (noun)
amount, quantity, portion, allotment, piece, measure, total, allowance, sum, quantum, ration, proportion.
composition (noun)
cantata, concerto.
written symbol (noun)


communication (verb)
count, calculate (verb)
come, run into, add up, aggregate, numerate, include, tally, enumerate, tell.
number (verb)
throng, enumerate, swarm, tally, abound, count.
stative (verb)
add up, count, come, amount, total.

Other synonyms:

happening, aberration, curiosity, spectacle, paradox, exception, novelty. computation. reach. tell. add up
build in.

Usage examples for number

  1. " It is possible you may find all three in Number One before this time to- morrow;" then in Russian the Governor said to the goaler: " See if Number One is ready." – A Rock in the Baltic by Robert Barr
  2. I may be, he said slowly, but not about the number – In the Bishop's Carriage by Miriam Michelson
  3. I go up the stairs, and, to give myself no chance of turning back, I knock at the door the moment I have seen the number – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun