Synonyms for Hoard:


cull, buy up, wealth, assemble, round up, scrape together, get together. inventory, nest egg, battery, assembly, stock, reserve, agglomeration, bevy, backlog, bale, assortment, batch, reservoir, assemblage. financial institution (noun)
hoard (noun)
compile, accumulate, collect, amass, squirrel away, cache, lay away, pile up, stash, hive up.
merchandise (noun)
possession (noun)
stash, cache.
stockpile (noun)
inventory, reservoir, nest egg, agglomeration, stock, treasure, backlog, cache, reserve, wealth, accumulation, store.
store (noun)
emporium, arsenal, storeroom, granary, larder, armory, storehouse, cupboard, cellar, depository, repository, market, treasure, grocery, hayloft, closet, bin, buttery, coffer, mart, depot, safe, lumberyard, warehouse, silo, storage, library, locker, accumulation, vault, Corncrib, crib, commissary, supermarket.
supply (noun)
stockpile, reserve.
treasury (noun)
treasure house, piggy bank, till, treasury, drawer, bursary, coin box, chest, cash box, kitty, strongbox.
wealth (noun)


put away, accumulate (verb)
stockpile, amass, save, pile up, buy up, collect, lay away, stash.
store (verb)
bank, archive, save, accumulate, stockpile, store, cache.

Other synonyms:

reserve. stock, wealth, backlog, reservoir, nest egg. inventory. save up
squirrel away.
Other relevant words:
buy up, compile, bale, reserve, wealth, squirrel away, assemble, pile up, batch, amass, nest egg, inventory, backlog, hive up, stock, lay away, agglomeration, stash, reservoir, assemblage, assortment, collect.

Usage examples for hoard

  1. Once more, will you produce your secret hoard – Do and Dare A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  2. After awhile he took the piece of hoard and managed to slide it under the box, lifting a corner of it over the ridge. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower