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substantiality - 22 results
Examples of usage:

More profitable to us it will be to trace what substantiality their dream of dramatic revival really possessed, and if we strip it of the false garment of classicity in which it masqueraded, and of its self- asserting intolerance, there is no question that, whatever the results of the efforts of these reformers, their intention was admirable. - "Wagner's Tristan und Isolde", George Ainslie Hight.

There was an air of old- fashioned substantiality, comfort, and something like modest dignity about the long- lasting, glossy brown roof and walls, in harmony with the heavy counters and shelves, not too heavy for the bales of every description, which with the contents of the innumerable boxes had an established reputation of being " all of the best quality," not figuratively but literally. - "A Houseful of Girls", Sarah Tytler.

It has no substantiality, no weight;- it is a mere appearance, a mask, a delusion.... - "Two Years in the French West Indies", Lafcadio Hearn.

Similar words:

substantially, substantial, substantialness, Substantia Alba, Substantia Grisea, subsidiarity, substitutability, substantive, substantive dye.

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