Synonyms for Assemble:


scrape together, buy up, stockpile, cull. cluster. fashion, fabricate, forge, produce, build, make, shape, manufacture. assemble (noun)
gather, put together, foregather, tack, meet, set up, tack together, piece, forgather, get together.


collect (verb)
bunch, compose, aggregate, mix, collect, group, round up, compile, band, collate.
combine (verb)
brew, infuse, compound, amalgamate, fuse, conglomerate, combine, incorporate, blend, piece together, concoct.
congregate (verb)
gather, muster, bunch, mobilize, rally, round up, convoke, group, meet, unite, huddle, convene, congregate, collect.
convoke (verb)
convene, gather, convoke, muster, collect.
creation (verb)
put together, tack, set up, tack together, piece.
meet (verb)
encounter, receive, greet, join, welcome, bump into, run into.
put together (verb)
make, set up, compile, produce, shape, piece together, join, manufacture, mold, weld, model, fashion, fabricate, construct.

Other synonyms:

construct, cull, scrape together, make, build, close up, unite, stockpile, clump together. crowd, extend. forge, go up. produce. bring together
get together
get together.
convoke, foregather.
put together
put together.

Usage examples for assemble

  1. I have determined to make a general assault upon the allies to- morrow, and I wished to assemble you here to lay the details of my plan before you. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  2. The inquisition is then directed to assemble to examine the guilty, and to employ torture if it be necessary. – The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple by Charles G. Addison