Synonyms for Troop:


advance guard, contingent, cavalry, command. array, constellation, convocation, meeting, age group, conference, muster, congregation, conclave, gathering, busload, congress, collect, crush, convention, get together. corps, stray, performing arts, amble, stroll, trek, walk, hike, stride, saunter, wander, step. gaggle, flight, brace, community. the Brownies, boy scout, girl scout, eagle scout, den, den-mother, the Cub Scouts, jamboree, cub scout, brownie. band (noun)
covey, bevy, clique, coterie, society, club.
brigade (noun)
posse, group, detachment, force.
bunch (noun)
company (noun)
ring, aggregation, convention, congregation, league, retinue, muster, clan, community, circle, set.
corps (noun)
regiment, division, brigade.
crew (noun)
squad, sect, cell, detail, coterie, club, fleet, battalion, nest, division, gang, regiment, team, assembly, league, circle, assemblage, posse, retinue, complement, bunch, clique, force, cabal, mob, outfit, junta, troupe, drove, cadre, group, covey, pack, union, body, herd, tribe, coalition, clan, caucus, society, detachment, wing, collection, platoon, crew, bevy, aggregation, flock, army, crowd, set, fraternity, school, fellowship, colony, faction, phalanx, litter, ring, host, band, staff, brigade, party, company, hive, string.
flock (noun)
number, gathering, delegation.
troop (noun)
scout troop, flock, number, company, herd, scout group, squad, assemblage, assembly, parade, bunch, promenade, band, gathering, crowd, crew, troupe, host, drove, outfit, pack, delegation, team, gang, body, corps, contingent, party, collection, army.


crowd (verb)

Other synonyms:

corps, convocation, conclave, congregation. congress, get together. meeting. conference, convention. assembly
Other relevant words:
stroll, command, scout troop, crush, scout group, conference, stride, hike, brownie, meeting, saunter, age group, number, congregation, promenade, corps, jamboree, community, walk, constellation, collect, get together, muster, contingent, delegation, convocation, convention, stray, den, brace, trek, amble, gathering, busload, flight, congress, conclave, wander, cavalry, array, parade, step, gaggle.

Usage examples for troop

  1. They're a season troop – Tom Slade at Black Lake by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. On the fourth morning they were just breaking camp, when, to their surprise, a troop of gaily dressed villagers passed them, and called out a cheerful greeting to Me Dain. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore
  3. Castruccio, having heard the news of what had happened at Lucca, at once put Pagolo Guinigi in command of the army, and with a troop of cavalry set out for home. – The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli