Synonyms for Conception:


arrival, realization, apprehension, cognition, Originating, musing, starting point, understanding, Considering, comprehension, onset, outset, appearance, dreaming. attitude, view, stand, self-assessment, fertilization, feeling, stance, viewpoint, reputation. conceive, impression, representation, artificial insemination, fertilize, fertilise, assisted reproduction, father, beget, breed. interpretation. thoughts. beginning (noun)
emergence, hatching, genesis, introduction, cradle, derivation, beginning, earliness, infancy, inception, stem, commencement, preparation, embryo, birth, prelude, babyhood, spring, source, nativity, dawn, precursor, nascency, inauguration, creation, sprout, origin, start.
beginning, birth (noun)
inception, start, origin, formation, fertilization, invention, outset.
belief (noun)
opinion, view, understanding.
conception (noun)
creation, invention, excogitation, construct, concept, design, innovation.
creation (noun)
construction, generation, formulation, production, establishment, development, formation, origination, fabrication.
event (noun)
idea (noun)
inkling, principle, inspiration, theory, notion, observation, ideation, consideration, concept, reflection, image, opinion, thought, perception, brainstorm.
imagination (noun)
fantasy, vision, dream, Dreams, Daydreams, creativity, imagination, supposition, thinking, contemplation, brainchild.
plan (noun)
anticipation, aim, design, premeditation, arrangement, invention, intention, plan, scheme, chart, expectation, blueprint, coordination, idea, contrivance, proposition, plot.
supposition (noun)
hypothesis, presumption, speculation, conjecture, prophecy, guess.
thought (noun)
understanding; idea (noun)
image, realization, comprehension, musing, representation, dreaming, notion, consideration, cognition, perception, plan, inkling, interpretation, Considering, speculation, design, apprehension, thought, concept, impression.

Other synonyms:

fertilization, starting point, onset, beget, outset, assisted reproduction, arrival, artificial insemination. conceive, fertilize. appearance, father, breed.

Usage examples for conception

  1. He called it again his daughter, daughter of his conception of Death. – The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay by Maurice Hewlett
  2. Some of the problems raised by the conception of matter have been indicated in the above discussion of " things." – Our Knowledge of the External World as a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  3. Indeed, if the form were equal to the conception it would be a delightful work of art; but Dr. Goodchild, though he may be a master of metres, is not a master of music yet. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde