Synonyms for Recall:


evoke, aftermarket, credit rating, revive, churn rate, cross-selling, buyer's market, cold call, detail, direct marketing, customer care. bundle off, send, discharge, farm out, disqualify, post, pack off, dismiss, relocate, suspend, dispatch, ship, parachute, route. flood, short-term memory, memory, flashback, nostalgia, assemble, summon, long-term memory, Photographic Memory. come to, refresh someone's memory, remind, bethink, trigger, awake, flood back, mind, jog someone's memory. commissioner, law, bench, captaincy, continue, rescind, draft, make, repeal, lift, captain, reverse, draft in. do something from memory, stick in your mind/memory, accept, bring/call someone/something to mind, be stamped on your memory/mind. recall (noun)
hark back, remember, call up, echo, recollect, think, recollection, retrieve, return, reminiscence, come back, withdraw, call-in.
remembrance (noun)
recollection, reminiscence, memory.
request for return (noun)


ask for return of offending thing (verb)
lift, rescind, revoke, recant, retract, suspend, discharge, reverse, dismiss, disqualify, withdraw.
cognition (verb)
retrieve, think, call up, recollect, remember.
heed (verb)

Other synonyms:

short-term memory, long-term memory, bethink, flood back, evoke, remind, Photographic Memory, summon, memory, nostalgia. flood, rescind, dismiss, repeal. flashback, trigger, awake. come to. lift. revive. call in
get back
relive, think, call up, mind, recollect.

Usage examples for recall

  1. Now that her fate was fixed beyond recall she almost repented of her choice. – A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe
  2. But, pardon me, I can't just recall your face. – Quiet Talks on Service by S. D. Gordon
  3. I have been trying to recall what was said then. – Democracy An American Novel by Henry Adams