Synonyms for Unfavorable:


adverse (adjective)
catastrophic, opposing, troublesome, woeful, detrimental, disastrous, opposed, distressful, antagonistic, unpropitious, untoward, unlucky, grievous, inauspicious, tragic, calamitous, hard, burdensome, unfriendly, unfortunate, adverse, miserable, perilous, antipathetic, difficult.
all (adjective)
bad (adjective)
defective, detrimental, poor, baneful, displeasing, vile, unpleasant, irremediable, bad, invalid, inadequate, arrant, wretched, ill-suited, unsound, wrong, unsatisfactory, ill, black, inferior, faulty, inadvisable.
inappropriate (adjective)
inopportune (adjective)
very bad (adjective)
hostile, inadvisable, unfit, regrettable, unpropitious, ill-advised, improper, late, adverse, negative, tardy, unlucky, objectionable, wrong, inopportune, disadvantageous, unfortunate, malapropos, inauspicious, opposed, infelicitous, contrary, unseemly, destructive, troublesome, calamitous, unfriendly, inexpedient, unpromising, untoward, antagonistic, untimely, ominous, ill, poor, inconvenient, unseasonable.


accusing, biting, barbed, acerbic, accusatory, astringent, acid, ad hominem, blistering, acrid. ominous, abortive, late, inopportune, hopeless, unseasonable, unseemly, awkward, improper, ill-chosen, inexpedient, malapropos, ill-fated, not have a hope in hell, ill-advised, regrettable, inconvenient, shaky, on the rocks, unfit, faltering, embarrassing, untimely, unsuitable, destructive, infelicitous, ill, unworkable, precarious, uncompetitive, unpromising, tardy, disadvantageous, objectionable, ill-timed. help, unadvantageous, negative. luck, evil. adverse (noun)
opposed, hostile.
unfavorable (noun)
unfavourable, harmful, disapproving, discriminatory, hostile, admonitory, invidious, inauspicious, untoward, adverse, reproachful, reproving, contrary, admonishing.

Other synonyms:

unadvantageous, disadvantageous. evil. negative. discouraging
unpromising, hopeless.
Other relevant words:
disapproving, admonitory, improper, ill, reproachful, opposed, unadvantageous, evil, contrary, admonishing, hostile, invidious, infelicitous, reproving, hopeless, harmful, inexpedient, regrettable, antagonistic, discriminatory, ill-advised, destructive, ill-chosen, unseemly, unpromising, inconvenient, untimely, objectionable, unfit, unfavourable, ominous, unseasonable, unsuitable, negative, disadvantageous, tardy, ill-fated, inopportune, late, malapropos.

Usage examples for unfavorable

  1. On the next day, all the symptoms were unfavorable – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  2. The point to which attention was primarily directed was whether the occurrence was of a favorable or an unfavorable nature. – Babylonian-Assyrian Birth-Omens and Their Cultural Significance by Morris Jastrow
  3. The threat disturbed Kashi, who was unwilling to be the cause of any unfavorable publicity to the school. – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda