Synonyms for Retreat:


cover, hermitage, turnabout, habitat, convent, asylum, security, resort, haunt, seclusion, front, shift, about-face, privacy, haven, conversion, sanctuary, solitude, reappraisal, cell, a change of heart, port, shelter, refuge, defense, volte-face, leap, on second thought, turnaround, cloister, harbor. battle, campaign, assault, war, leave, abandon, skirmish, combat, incursion, pitched battle, mission, struggle. belligerent, aggressor, battle cry, protection, attack, Beleaguered, air cover, safety, active service, active duty, black out, covert, bombed-out. checkmate, bishop, check, grand master, chessman, gambit, capture, chess, castle, chessboard. cache, hiding place. breathing space, rest, breather, time out, quietude, respite, comfort, relaxation, break. evade, skate over/around, take evasive action, provide against, play it safe, have a narrow/lucky escape, miss, hedge. exclusion, participation, entry, stake, intervention, involvement, interference, intrusion, engagement. avoidance (noun)
disdain, abstinence, declination, shirking, evasion, flight, avoidance, elusion, circumvention, escape.
departure (noun)
evacuation, retirement, withdrawal, flight.
escape (noun)
leaving (noun)
place one goes for peace (noun)
covert, hiding place, cell, sanctuary, security, port, convent, cloister, solitude, refuge, seclusion, defense, haunt, harbor, hermitage, shelter, privacy, cover, haven, asylum, hideaway, habitat, resort.
recession (noun)
regression, recession, Retrocession.
refuge (noun)
asylum, shelter.
regression (noun)
retreat (noun)
retirement, crawfish out, hideaway, pull in one's horns, retrograde, draw back, retire, pull away, recede, withdraw, move back, back away, back out, pull back, crawfish.
safety (noun)
seclusion (noun)
privacy, retirement.


motion (verb)
pull back, go away (verb)
shrink, back away, evade, draw back, back, withdraw, recede, backtrack, escape, retire, retrograde, regress, move back, abandon, back out, leave.
recede (verb)
backslide, recede, regress, flee.

Other synonyms:

harbor, cloister, departure, fallback, quietude, hiding place, breather, haunt, provide against, breathing space, respite, attack, convent, refuge, backtrack, pullback, time out, backpedal, pullout. back, sanctuary, scatter, hermitage, safety, relaxation, haven, battle. cell, asylum, stand aside. comfort, protection, shrink, hedge, evade, cache. part, rest. miss. break. back away
back down
pull back.

Usage examples for retreat

  1. " I like not to retreat without fighting," he said, when he had heard from Beric of the coming of the Romans and their force; " but I agree with you that it is better not to anger them farther." – Beric the Briton A Story of the Roman Invasion by G. A. Henty
  2. This raised a laugh, and covered my retreat – Strange True Stories of Louisiana by George Washington Cable
  3. We are really down here to have a quiet, serious week- a sort of retreat you know. – The Green Carnation by Robert Smythe Hichens