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remember (verb)

reflect, recollect, relive, recall, reminisce.

Other synonyms:

repute, recollect, lavish, regain, keep, cerebrate, rally, imagine, stick in your mind/memory, identify, dream up, memorialize, intend, cherish, guess, help, fulfill, regard as, conceive, think, concoct, call-back, withdraw, hand over, recall, telephone, immortalise, recognize, be stamped on your memory/mind, forget, toy with, flirt with, bethink, contribute, consider, do something from memory, esteem, flash back, take to be, cogitate, dig up, suppose, distribute, spot, memorize, call, disregard, think back, neglect, opine, think of, mobilise, reproduce, part with, deliver, present, revive, echo, go back, lose, ignore, conjure up, stick to, yield, look on, give, hatch, be a household name/word, master, be noted for, hold to, mark, recover, bring forward, treasure, find, record, call in, commend, believe, immortalize, entertain, learn, need no introduction, mobilize, recapture, meet, return, have the world at your feet, memorialise, be/become (a) legend, get, phone, reckon, look upon, keep your word, mean, think up, summon up, retrieve, ring, recommend, bring/call someone/something to mind, retain, mind, have in mind, harken back, honor, hearken back, come through, call up, hand, commemorate, hark back, think about, reward, come back.

Examples of usage:

" I remember her all my life. - "The Duke's Children", Anthony Trollope.

The doctor could not remember it either. - "Furze the Cruel", John Trevena.

Don't you remember what Mr. Feeblemind says? - "Father Payne", Arthur Christopher Benson.

Similar words:

remembers, remembered, remembering, reminder, Remedies, Remedied, cartridge remover.

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