Synonyms for Blank:


all (adjective)
clean, white.
clear (adjective)
pale, bare, unused, plain, clean, void, vacant, vacuous, barren, white, new, untouched, spotless, unmarked, empty.
dumbfounded (adjective)
confused, bewildered, muddled.
expressionless (adjective)
impassive, noncommittal, dull, deadpan, uncommunicative, inane, inexpressive, stiff, vague, meaningless, immobile, pokerfaced, fruitless, inscrutable.
indifferent (adjective)
insensitive (adjective)
meaningless (adjective)
thoughtless (adjective)
fatuous, illogical, inane, unoccupied, vacuous, thoughtless, unthoughtful, vacant, unthinking, brainless, mindless, unreasonable, empty-headed.
zero (adjective)
zero, void, none, nil.


new, uncrowded, bare, abandoned, untouched, pale, plain, unmarked, unused, unadorned, deserted, used, derelict, spotless. attachment, annexe, amendment, contents, coda, barren, attention line, annex, foot. calibre, cartridge, pokerfaced, bullet, caliber, dum-dum, inexpressive, show, blank cartridge, bandolier, flak, buckshot. repress, blank out, put something behind you, blot out, escape, slip your mind/memory, lose sight of. neutral, controlled, undemonstrative, restrained, passive, unresponsive, unemotional, emotionless. lined, squared, manila, sticky, scratch-and-sniff, ruled. chop down, call, block, cover, come-on, come off, dive, bobble, deny. bewildered (noun)
confused, bewildered, muddled.
blank (noun)
incommunicative, dummy, lacuna, blank shell, uncommunicative, clean, empty, unloaded, white, space.
communication (noun)
empty space (noun)
lacuna, nullity.
shell (noun)
zero (noun)
nil, nobody, void, dummy, naught, zero, nought, nullity, zilch, aught, nothing, cipher.


complete (verb)
utter, unconditional, absolute, total.
forget (verb)
forget, elapse, obliterate, neglect, lose, overlook, omit, erase.

Other synonyms:

bobble, abandoned, bandolier, scratch-and-sniff, caliber, attention line, undemonstrative, buckshot, pokerfaced, button, deadpan, button bar, avatar, emotionless, blank cartridge, annex, dum-dum, active window, look through, checkbox, brush off, deserted, manila, passive, blip, bullet, cell, squared, annexe, uncrowded, restrained, unemotional, ruled. chop down, amendment, foot, flak, controlled, spurn, lined, bar. cartridge, coda. unresponsive, deny, attachment, avoid. box, sticky. stand up, neutral, bare, come off. come-on, dive. block. cover. call. incomprehensible

Usage examples for blank

  1. Then he looked blank as he could look when he was disappointed, as he had looked when she would not talk to him at the lunch, when she told him that it was not her business to entertain him. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. It's a blank lie! – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  3. Can't you see it there, plain as blank – Literary Lapses by Stephen Leacock