Synonyms for Insert:


backdate, criminalize, amend, amendment, codify, decriminalize, abolish, abrogate. embrace, add-on, involve, include, interpolate, take in, incorporate, count in, interlard. register, advertorial, banner, billboard, advert, remember, circular, post, classified ad, bumper sticker, banner ad. coda, foot, attachment, blank, contents, attention line, annex, annexe. bag, cram, center, bed, bury, crate, bottle, entomb, box. artifact (noun)
book (noun)
novel, brochure, log, catalog, folio, book, monograph, magazine, handbook, booklet, index, libretto, volume, record, tract, manual, script, compendium, pamphlet, chronicle, treatise, verse, textbook, tome, chapter, publication, serial, report, play book, list, leaflet, work.
circular (noun)
enclosure (noun)
supplement, insertion, new material, advertisement, addition.
insert (noun)
enter, sneak in, tuck, introduce, enclose, stick in, slip in, cut in, inset, inclose, put in, infix.


insert (verb)
introduce, interpose, inset, inject, penetrate, pierce, intrude, lodge, infiltrate, insinuate.
install (verb)
root, embed, ensconce, locate, connect, implant, establish, position, plant, initiate, put, Instate, fix, place, graft, install, build in.
put, tuck in (verb)
interpolate, enter, implant, include, root, inject, embed, insinuate, introduce, intrude, infix, interpose, place.

Other synonyms:

interlard. interpolate, include, addition. register. post. add
set up, establish.
cut in.
put in, log, infiltrate.
build in.
interlard, inset.
Other relevant words:
insertion, advertisement, advert, annex, sneak in, incorporate, circular, infix, inclose, addition, annexe, enter, enclose, stick in, interpolate, interlard, supplement, put in, register, post, slip in, tuck, include, bed.

Usage examples for insert

  1. I insert this letter merely as a proof of the intimacy which existed between the writers and myself. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. We insert on p. – The Hindu-Arabic Numerals by David Eugene Smith Louis Charles Karpinski