Synonyms for Enshrine:


caption, fill in, date, annotate, backdate, address, fill out, enter, complete. enshrine (noun)
saint, shrine.


consecrate (verb)
cherish, sanctify, bless, hallow.
contact (verb)
hold as sacred (verb)
cherish, sanctify, bless, hallow.

Other synonyms:

caption, date, annotate, fill out, cherish. enter, fill in, backdate. bless, complete. address. Other relevant words:
bless, sanctify, enter, annotate, backdate, address, saint, hallow, cherish.

Usage examples for enshrine

  1. But it had grown in his respect till he maintained that the accessory business ought to be all the other way: that temples should be raised to enshrine statues, not statues made to ornament temples; that was putting the cart before the horse with a vengeance. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells