Synonyms for Advertisement:


display, bumper sticker, banner ad, advertorial, classified ad, notification, banner, bill, billboard, placard. spread, flier, classified, hype, trailer, pitch, Puffery, spot, publicity, sample, endorsement, ballyhoo, plug. buildup, knowledge. advertisement (noun)
advertising, advertizing, advert, advertizement.
disclosure (noun)
testimony, Divulging, broadcasting, declaration, exhibition, revelation, disclosure, communication, expression, proclamation, assertion, announcement, dissemination, confession.
publication (noun)
journal, promulgation, handbill, propaganda, commercial, promotion, herald, notice, post, newsletter, organ, broadcast, gazette, review, circular, report, newspaper, bulletin, journalism, newsmagazine, brief, publication, periodical.
publicity (noun)
public notice of sale (noun)
commercial, endorsement, plug, circular, bill, display, declaration, exhibition, notification, notice, promulgation, publicity, publication, communication, propaganda, promotion, classified ad, announcement, proclamation, broadcast, placard.


support (verb)

Other synonyms:

hype, placard, bumper sticker, banner, trailer, advertorial, Puffery, classified ad, banner ad. display, publicity, ballyhoo, flier. bill. buildup. plug. signboard
Other relevant words:
advertorial, Puffery, classified ad, flier, spot, placard, ballyhoo, billboard, classified, spread, notification, endorsement, hype, buildup, advertizement, trailer, banner, publicity, bill, plug, pitch, advertising, advertizing, advert.

Usage examples for advertisement

  1. To think that she should answer that fool advertisement of ours! – The Brightener by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. Nearly two hundred women responded to her new advertisement in the morning, and as many more at noon. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston