Synonyms for Store:


capture, back up, burn-in, browse, block, building, access, burn, author, call up. reserve, assortment, bale, wares, commodity, assemblage, property, agglomeration, batch, bevy, assembly, battery. outlet, cubbyhole, bunker, boathouse, bonded warehouse, boutique, armoury. Photographic Memory, long-term memory, nest egg, short-term memory, reservoir, flashback, stash, backlog, nostalgia, recollection, flood, recall. keep, bust, magazine, fatigues, dog tag, fort, base, garrison, billet, generalship. set-aside, retain, store up. do something from memory, recollect, relive, think back, stick in your mind/memory, be stamped on your memory/mind, bring/call someone/something to mind, remember. parlour, kiosk, point-of-sale. business establishment that sells goods (noun)
convenience store, mart, emporium, market, boutique, department store, shop, supermarket, outlet.
collection (noun)
collection, supply (noun)
treasure, stockpile, stock, nest egg, inventory, hoard, backlog, cache, fund, reservoir, reserve, wares, accumulation.
financial institution (noun)
list (noun)
lexicon, register, manifest, documentation, log, catalog, journal, recording, docket, diary, blank-book, tally, cash book, bill, inventory, table, census, annual, novel, digest, calendar, registry, roster, daybook, tabulate, treasury, thesaurus, statement, annals, workbook, waybill, recount, scrapbook, sum, book, list, itemization, chronicle, file, ledger, budget, record, summary, scroll, count, Storybook, history, yearbook, pad, score, roll, Bank book, total, check, account, logbook, notebook, detail, invoice, dictionary, index, menu, tablet, schedule, repertory, enumeration, album, collection.
market (noun)
stock exchange, chain, office, counter, market place, establishment, department store, stall, bazaar, bureau, fair, exchange, convenience store, shop.
merchandise (noun)
place for keeping supply (noun)
vault, magazine, depot, depository, repository, warehouse, arsenal, storehouse, treasury, bank, storeroom.
place of business (noun)
retail store (noun)
department store.
stash (noun)
store (noun)
larder, put in, safe, armory, memory board, entrepot, arsenal, repository, hive away, cupboard, memory, silo, stock, vault, mart, storehouse, lay in, closet, commissary, bin, accumulation, depot, store-bought, boughten, lumberyard, computer memory, storeroom, factory-made, computer storage, buttery, crib, depository, hayloft, salt away, market, Corncrib, stash away, cellar, stack away, library, supermarket, storage, granary, emporium, warehouse, shop, locker, coffer, grocery, treasure, fund.
supply (noun)
reserve, stockpile.
treasury (noun)


collect and put aside (verb)
salt away, accumulate, keep, stash, save, bin.
list (verb)
summarize, audit, collect, enumerate, Journalize, note, itemize, document.
store (verb)
save, hoard, cache, archive, stockpile, bank, accumulate.

Other synonyms:

boutique, kiosk, point-of-sale, reserve. backlog, nest egg. magazine, stash. outlet. keep. stock
Other relevant words:
kiosk, bunker, bust, recall, recollection, keep, batch, hive away, fund, bale, relive, parlour, flashback, boughten, base, stack away, burn, memory, boathouse, assemblage, assembly, property, store up, memory board, computer memory, cubbyhole, backlog, assortment, wares, factory-made, fort, fatigues, remember, stash away, block, agglomeration, access, outlet, generalship, reservoir, battery, lay in, browse, retain, nostalgia, author, bevy, recollect, garrison, bonded warehouse, reserve, stash, billet, flood, salt away, armoury, boutique, computer storage, stock, commodity, building, store-bought, nest egg, magazine, put in, capture, entrepot.

Usage examples for store

  1. But what good things were in store for her? – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. There is a better one in store though he does not know of it." – The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor
  3. However, his offer was already made and the deal he believed would be closed in the store by six o'clock. – The Major by Ralph Connor