Synonyms for Get:


uncover, read up on. get together, compel, urge, persuade, talk into. touch, sock, enter. defeat, import, invest in, buy up, snap up, overpower. arrange, dress, go down with, afflict, come down with, invade. shape, interact, propagate, make a difference, come into play, impact, take effect, procreate. end in, come out of, ensue, culminate in, turn out, get sick, grow out of, result, add up to, flow from. come up with, infer, carry away, conceptualize, judge, hit on, draw a conclusion/an inference, appraise, sum up, measure, displace. outpace, get on with, amuse, gratify, satisfy, entertain, get ahead, plod along, break through. come at, set on, ambush, strike at, attack, mug, fly at, assault, come to, assail. be, appear, look, come by, come over. fall/fit into place, kin, work out, make sense of something, have a feel for something, deduce, get the idea, see the light. slaughter, rate, assassinate, take someone's life, exterminate, merit, strangle, deserve, massacre, bump off. copy to, fire off, send, dispatch, send out, ship, circulate. take over, go to, pull down, start on, get down to, get around to, dive in, money. lie, exist, contact, there is/are etc.. settle, pile, balance, sicken. sense, savvy, conceive, twig, get back, ken, turn over, fathom, gross, dig. revel in, delight in, drink in, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, love, go in for, have your fun, like, teach, enjoy. butchery, blanch, butcher, chill, carve, bake, butter, bone. make capital out of something, take advantage of something, bolt, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, skedaddle, hightail, jump at, vamoose, hotfoot, clear out, seize an opportunity/chance, benefit, exploit. head, walk-on, bring around, persuasion, progress, convince, prevail on, carry on, forge ahead, sell, argue into, flow. cover, cruise, shuttle, commute, hitchhike, go down. call up, call-in, affect, caller, dial, busy, call back, answer, busy signal, impress, cut off, call. fret, pain, aggravate, gall, go for, exasperate, put out, bug, ruffle, irk, peeve, feelings. wax, radar, cell, ghosting, footprint, jam, GPS, directional, interference, change. stand a chance/hope (of doing something), you can't go wrong, knowledge, someone should/will go far, be onto a winner, be halfway there, have something in your pocket, have a fighting chance, be in/out of the running, report, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, disclose, tell. get what you deserve, take the rap (for something), reap what you sow. get across (noun)
get at (noun)
obtain, find, attack.
get back (noun)
pay back, retrieve.
get by (noun)
get even (noun)
pay back.
get in (noun)
enter, come, arrive, land.
get together (noun)
collect, gather.


arrive (verb)
come to, come, advance, converge.
capture (verb)
seize, apprehend, arrest, catch, gain, obtain, achieve, secure, abduct, capture, win, take, collar, occupy, snare.
change (verb)
cognition (verb)
convince, induce (verb)
compel, persuade, argue into, bring around, urge, talk into.
fall victim to (verb)
catch, contract, get sick, accept, come down with, sicken.
have an effect on (verb)
satisfy, impress, affect, inspire, stimulate, entertain, gratify, touch, amuse.
possession (verb)
have, make.
produce offspring (verb)
generate, procreate, sire, beget, propagate, produce.
receive (verb)
inhale, access, admit, devour, engorge, gobble, accept, ingest, absorb, assimilate, receive, pocket, eat, gulp, inspire.
seize (verb)
defeat, arrest, collar, overpower, occupy, apprehend, nab, beat.
understand (verb)
perceive, fathom, comprehend, work out.

Other synonyms:

read up on, uncover, hightail, drink in, invade, get together, exist, jump at, invest in, be, GPS, hotfoot, enjoy, vamoose, afflict, copy to, procreate, ghosting, come down with, go in for, revel in, go down with, delight in, interact, buy up, snap up, come over, radar, skedaddle, enter, hit on. fathom, twig, exasperate, impact, deserve, exploit, report, directional, irk, sicken, interference, import, tell, peeve, send out, turn out. settle, persuade, affect, ruffle, ship, convince, ken, wax, comprehend. look, like, aggravate, sell, fret, impress, rate, come by, get back, circulate. bolt, conceive, merit, appear, lie, footprint. turn over, send, gross. benefit, measure. dig, love. head, go for, cell. touch, jam, balance. act. change. abscond
come by.
gall, irk.
bring around
talk into.
bring in
argue into.
go down with.
bring forth.
take over.
drink in.
prevail on.

Usage examples for get

  1. I have thought it over- and you will never get me to do anything else. – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  2. " But we shall get him yet. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  3. Oh, get away with you! – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann