Synonyms for Punch:


bellows, blowtorch, blow, adjustable wrench, Allen Wrench, blowlamp, applicator, box end wrench, bradawl. chaser, box, smack, chop, dram, double, spat, buffet, aperitif, slap, attack, spank, clip, smacker, bust, alcohol, cuff, whack, cup, booze, swat. dash, action, snap, starch, bludgeon, verve, beat up, vitality, batter, vigor, vigorousness, vim, tired, stun. get-up-and-go, initiative, scrunch, nip, crush, press, flatten, enterprise, gumption, hustle, depress, grind, compress, squeeze, rub, try. kick, sting, hammer blow, butt, Drugs, bonk, wallop. chip away, chase, crimp, affect, card, impact, flail, cut. inflammable, emotive, moving, cathartic, emotional, stirring, rousing, overwhelming. artifact (noun)
authority (noun)
influence, superiority, potency, mandate, license, control, power, cogency, mightiness, office, authority, might, kingship, right, purview, mastery, entitlement, enfranchisement, credential, domination, birthright, clout, empowerment, faculty, prerogative, privilege, strength, powerfulness, primacy, title, steam, force, Prepotency, stature, charge, sovereignty, command, puissance, rank, commission, precedence, sway, seniority, prestige.
beverage (noun)
eggnog, milk, drink, liquor, soft drink, coffee, soda, tea, beer, ale, juice, lemonade, nectar, pop, milk shake, water, beverage, soda pop, cocoa.
blow (noun)
energy, vigor (noun)
force, cogency, drive, point, verve, impact.
hit (noun)
cuff, plug, clout, nudge, strike, clip, slap, thrust, blow, biff, jog, knock, prod, shot, poke, wallop, box, smack, buffet.
impulse (noun)
momentum, bump, nudge, prod, jolt, knock, thrust, jog, shove, shot, strike, sling, motivation, pitch, jerk, impulse, push.
life (noun)
perforator (noun)
needle, puncture, lance, poker, thorn, die, spur, tip, bit, arrow, penetrator, point, spear, spike, skewer, Perforator, blade, stick, bore.
punch (noun)
perforate, biff, lick, poke, puncher, plug.
tool (noun)
jigsaw, awl, gouge, tool, cold chisel, grapnel, chisel, auger, spade, pickax, crowbar, emery wheel, hoe, buzz saw, scroll saw, file, keyhole saw, plane, tire iron, drill, ripsaw, band saw, lathe, table saw, mallet, axe, machete, circular saw, snips, level, pliers, sickle, screwdriver, planer, bench drill, scissors, wrench, arc welder, pipe wrench, hatchet, saw, grindstone, knife, monkey wrench, shears, square, scythe, hacksaw, tin snips, back saw, trowel, claw hammer, crosscut saw, lug wrench, coping saw, shovel, wrecking bar, pick, sledgehammer, hammer, spoke shave, Drill press, miter box, spanner, ball-peen hammer, hedge trimmer, jackknife, calipers, wedge, radial arm saw, stapler, Bow-saw, handsaw, posthole auger, chain saw, jointer, edger, welder, vise.
vigor (noun)
wallop (noun)


contact (verb)
motivate (verb)
hurl, throw, inspire, instigate, ferment, foment, shoot, urge, launch, ram, heave, hurtle, encourage, impel, provoke, energize, catapult, trigger, entice, fire, drive, jostle, stimulate, motivate, prompt, lob, magnetize, goad, propel, hasten, fling, move, induce.
perforate (verb)
perforate, poke, penetrate, pierce.
perforate, prick (verb)
cut, drill, pierce, bore, puncture.

Other synonyms:

moving, inflammable, rousing, blow, get-up-and-go, stirring, cathartic, flail, emotive, vigorousness. gumption, emotional, slap, bludgeon, cuff, stun, spank, smacker. verve, starch, vigor, initiative, overwhelming, beat up, whack, vim. butt, clip, kick, buffet, spat. crush, enterprise, impact, batter, smack. bust. drill hole
poke at
Other relevant words:
lick, clip, starch, cut, wallop, swat, smack, whack, cuff, verve, snap, biff, vim, plug, blow.

Usage examples for punch

  1. You know what sort of a left hand punch this baby has? – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson
  2. Punch dinner in the evening. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  3. I caught sight of the old man side- on and I saw he was hurt by something more than a punch – The Readjustment by Will Irwin