Synonyms for Get off:


abandon, come away, move on, draw out. embark, depart, support, go, benefit, get through, give, guide, assist, help, nurse, help out, get behind. descend, vindicate, eliminate, clear, someone is only human, exonerate, disembark, someone cannot/can't help it if, absolve, exculpate. appeal, cite, arraign, allow, bring before, call, appear, claim, affirm, bring. mea culpa, would, Against, pick on someone your own size, charming, really, where does someone get off doing something?, look at, O.K.. fire off, circulate, copy to. lie with, sleep with, sleep together, jump into bed with someone, bed, make love, spend the night with someone, consummate, be intimate with someone. let fly, bite someone's head off, scold, lash out, raise your voice, tell off, rage, jump down someone's throat, abuse, tear into. co-opt, leverage, pawn, run away with, borrow, take. digress, drag in, stray, get away from, beat around the bush, wander. drift off, go to sleep, nap, snooze, doze, drowse, drop off, doze off, sleep. go away, holiday, weekend, vacation. release, loose, loosen your grip/hold (on), keep off, keep your hands off, relax your grip/hold, let go (of someone/something). get off (noun)
trip out, get down, send off, get out, dismount, get away, trip, hop out, light, unhorse, send, escape, mail, get by.


communication (verb)
send, send off.

Other synonyms:

digress, descend, exonerate, absolve, copy to, weekend, run away with, vindicate, eliminate, exculpate, borrow. drag in, embark, pawn, get away from, co-opt, vacation. depart, holiday, leverage, keep off. circulate, clear. wander. stray. bring. loose. release. go. take. descend
get away, go away.
get down
get down.