Synonyms for Back:


end (adjective)
aft, hind, astern, after, behind, abaft, following, posterior, tail, in the wake of, rear, hindmost, aback, final.
following (adjective)
in the wake of.
from earlier time (adjective)
posterior (adjective)
caudal, in back of, dorsal.
rear (adjective)
stern, backside.


board, populate, withdraw, reside, squat, retreat, arrive, settle, come from, inhabit, live, settle down, reverse. about, Against, finance, around, outside, down, away, stand behind, up. arrange, bang out, strengthen, baton, stiffen, beat out, accompany, cane, blast away, articulation, atmospherics, line, blast. artwork, forward, backtrack, backpedal, blurb, appendix, fall back, retrogress, acknowledgments, afterword, Retrocede, retrograde, addendum, book. bankroll, money, ally, grubstake, speak up for, agree with, sympathize, capitalize, subsidize, promote, fund, align. champion, in front, up front, side with, at someone's heels, advocate, face, get behind, stand by, opposite, recommend. authenticate, ago, already, validate, previously, attest, one day, justify, past, at one time, testify, before, true, once, evidence, warrant, verify. ballplayer, all-American, backfield, boy, blue, conference, center forward, precede, club, center. alley, cloister, blind alley, alleyway, campus, backyard, arcade, close, car park. base, edge, apex, confines, bump, brim, corner, bevel. armchair, chaise lounge, arm, chaise longue, chaise, chair, chesterfield, armrest. draw back, part, back away, shrink, stand aside, scatter, pull away. belong, sit, lie, concentrate, occupy, get, exist, there is/are etc., set. just, together, evenly, someway, somehow, otherwise, still, onward. retaliatory, tit for tat, revengeful, vengeful. bailiff, red ink, insolvent, debtor, liable, indebted, delinquent, debt-ridden, Overdrawn. gamble, put money on something, bet, put on, toss, see, break the bank, place. artifact (noun)
back (noun)
bottom, end, aftermost, rear, tail, posterior, hindmost.
back away (noun)
draw back, retreat, fall back, withdraw.
back down (noun)
backtrack, withdraw, retreat.
back out (noun)
back up (noun)
behind, support, tail, past, posterior, champion, reverse, bolster, assist, rear, hind, aid, validate, end, hindmost.
end part (noun)
backside, stern, reverse.
location (noun)
opposite (noun)
rear (noun)
caboose, derriere, behind, rump, seat, hind, fanny.
support (noun)


assist (verb)
aid, benefit, sustain, favor, support, foster, abet, serve, uphold, assist, avail, succor, help.
intensify (verb)
put in reverse direction (verb)
backtrack, retreat, fall back, withdraw.
social (verb)
succeeding (verb)
support (verb)
ally, sustain, assist, grubstake, champion, buttress, stand behind, finance, abet, subsidize, hinge, prop, uphold, bankroll, underpin, advocate, side with, favor, bolster.

Other synonyms:

abdomen, sympathize, beat out, chaise lounge, armchair, chaise longue, away, artwork, belly, bevel, promote, bang out, blast, bankroll, campus, red ink, alley, speak up for, evenly, apex, blind alley, retaliatory, girth, armrest, flank, backyard, after, draw back, backtrack, recommend, body, insolvent, otherwise, belly button, chesterfield, attest, gamble, vengeful, chaise, addendum, alleyway, debt-ridden, onward, someway, all-American, ballplayer, blurb, outside, backfield, backpedal, arrange, debtor, chest, baton, somehow, atmospherics, afterword, up, blast away, down, center forward. advocate, blue, accompany, toss, stand aside, chair, book. ally, shrink, corner, bump, testify, edge. club, still, retreat, together. arm, justify, just. base. settle. put on, part. place. close. abaft
get behind.
speak up for.
fall back
fall back.
in time
Other relevant words:
after, champion, subsidize, reverse, stand behind, advocate, away, back away, promote, finance, get behind.

Usage examples for back

  1. Let us go back – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  2. I will stay here till that woman comes back – A Top-Floor Idyl by George van Schaick
  3. " I take it all back he said. – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin