Synonyms for Inspire:


dazzle, enthuse, attract, spur, fire someone with enthusiasm, inspirit, intrigue, interest. awaken, ignite, invoke, have, kindle, rouse, arouse, spark, touch, affect, excite. catch, stir, influence, grip, skew, lead to, color, Impassion, give, enkindle, pack a punch, decide. elate, flush, happy, buoy, elevate, lift, uplift. help. galvanize, egg on, inflame, touch off, pique, work up. breathe, breath. inspire (noun)
cheer, pep up, revolutionize, urge on, enliven, barrack, instigate, exalt, prompt, exhort, breathe in, urge, animate, inhale, revolutionise, invigorate.


cause (verb)
effect, induce, provoke, act, elicit, engineer, enforce, force, evoke, make, engender, generate, give rise to, bring about, originate, execute, produce, cause, motivate, drive.
encourage, stimulate (verb)
enkindle, touch, exalt, stir, give rise to, cause, motivate, elate, affect, strike, urge, produce, work up, invigorate, spur, arouse, animate, inflame, trigger, influence, inspirit, spark, enliven, hearten, galvanize, provoke, excite, get.
motivate (verb)
foment, push, prompt, ram, instigate, stimulate, punch, goad, sling, heave, pitch, urge, prod, strike, poke, move, hurtle, bump, jostle, energize, catapult, entice, throw, shove, shoot, impel, ferment, propel, trigger, jolt, fling, launch, knock, hasten, jog, lob, magnetize, jerk, hurl, fire, thrust, nudge.
receive (verb)
assimilate, gobble, engorge, access, devour, admit, absorb, inhale, ingest, acquire, eat, receive, get, accept, take, pocket, gulp.

Other synonyms:

arouse, interest, grip, excite, ignite, rouse, attract, intrigue, enthuse, dazzle, Impassion, awaken. elate, inspirit, invoke, kindle, egg on. galvanize, pique, buoy. enkindle, inflame, affect. uplift, stir. flush, breathe. lift, elevate. touch. have. breathe in
bring on
lead to, give rise to.
touch off.
Other relevant words:
buoy, barrack, uplift, excite, spark, enkindle, invigorate, elevate, revolutionize, inspirit, pep up, influence, interest, flush, invoke, stir, grip, touch, exalt, kindle, ignite, exhort, work up, help, urge on, affect, pique, Impassion, dazzle, touch off, enthuse, attract, have, awaken, galvanize, arouse, elate, spur, revolutionise, egg on, breathe in, rouse, lift, inflame, breathe, animate.

Usage examples for inspire

  1. To do Jethro's importance absolute justice, he did inspire fear among his contemporaries, and young men and women did not say much to his face; what they did say gave them little satisfaction. – Coniston, Book I. by Winston Churchill
  2. " You have youth and love to inspire you- for your mother yet lives. – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  3. Such and some other such like, are very unlucky notions in young heads, and too often inspire them with courage enough to dare the gallows, which seldom fails meeting with them in the end. – Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences by Arthur L. Hayward