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floor - 224 results
Other synonyms:

attic, bull market, foot, confines, trading floor, astound, horizontal surface, take down, the gate, prostrate, blow out of the water, mezzanine, downstairs, account, surprise, astonish, bed, substructure, landing, traumatise, outrage, stratum, parliament, al-Qa'ida, grade, base of operations, geology, foundation, flash mob, constraint, constituency, boggle, parterre, blast, narrative, degree, bag, diet, stem, brickwork, storey, ball over, bring down, do over, alcove, basis, restriction, spring a surprise, box in, embellish, pull down, strip club, ceiling, rug, linoleum, dissolve, offend, the Dail, gallery, catacombs, amaze, lower ground floor, chronicle, shake up, bus, nucleotide, home, chamber, news report, strike down, limit, balcony, al-Qaeda, coldcock, range, knock-down, knock, fault, box office, dump, flabbergast, broker-dealer, bid price, club, house, bowl over, bondholder, narration, maypole, loft, groundwork, addition, redecorate, aquifer, audience, flatten, cornerstone, carry, taradiddle, bay, traumatize, appal, back up, moviegoer, concertgoer, render, base, layer, tarradiddle, root word, lay, basement, alkali, root, upstairs, report, check, understructure, boundary, infrastructure, parliamentarian, faultline, write up, stagger, beading, spirit level, ground floor, shock, body, stun, car-pool, cut down, pedestal, radical, grace, scandalize, plunge, point, bear market, change down, underprice, bear, wallpaper, geological, deck, limitation, bid, story, fib, geography, nightclub, dance hall, dissolution, history, dumbfound, adorn, bypass, carve up, buckle up, flooring, block in, al-Qaida, the first floor, dance floor, fell, captive audience, theme, push down, lower house, nightspot, crust, lay out, continental drift, punch someone's lights out, bearish, excite, prime, down, strip joint, appall, continental shelf, radix, fundament, level, drop, tale, scandalise, control, cellar, mosh pit, full house, garret, bedight, throw, whitewash, flat, rise, beautify, paper, bullish, bedeck, disco, carpet, paint, do up, restraint, bull, decorate, stand, ditch, take aback, tier.

Examples of usage:

The church itself rose perhaps two hundred feet from floor to roof. - "Dawn of All", Robert Hugh Benson.

You'll find the third floor shut off; the rooms up there are Maxwell's, and no one goes in but him. - "The Fourth R", George Oliver Smith.

To the floor above? - "The Red Cockade", Stanley J. Weyman.

Similar words:

soy flour, soybean flour, self-rising flour, self-raising flour, snail flower, satin flower, Spathe Flower, spider flower, Siberian Wall Flower, scarlet musk flower.

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