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undress - 56 results
Other synonyms:

flake, pull off, peel, put on, discase, fling off, unclothe, uncase, pillage, kick off, doff, pare, become naked, deprive, ransack, get out of, plunder, assume the altogether, debunk, strip, show, denudate, leach, strip down, disrobe, flake off, despoil, show up, rifle, dismantle, undrape, get, strip to the buff, peel off, clean, uncloak, off, uncover, skin, reave, foray, change, unmask, loot, disinvest, nail.

Examples of usage:

She was such an innocent child, she was ashamed to undress before the kitten. - "St. Peter's Umbrella", Kálmán Mikszáth.

Zibeline's servants, by whom she was adored, awaited their mistress at the threshold, and for her maids it was an affair of some minutes to undress her and lay her in her own bed. - "Zibeline, Complete", Phillipe de Massa Last Updated: March 2, 2009.

You have only to undress her; but afterwards what a bore it is, what a silly business! - "The Darling and Other Stories", Anton Chekhov.

Similar words:

undressed, undoes, undrawn, undried, undrunk, underdress, underpass, undreamt, undreamt of.

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