Synonyms for Camouflage:


dishonesty, veil, masquerade, coat, dissimulation, guile, duplicity, netting, makeup, corruption, incognito, simulation, smoke and mirrors, shade, Double dealing, foul play, misconduct, shroud, deceit, paint, front, cover. dapple-gray, deception, subterfuge, bay, albino, pretense, pied, trick, ginger, piebald, coverup, brindled, tabby, dappled. bearskin, ensign, blouse, dress uniform, battledress, breastplate, body armor, chevron, combat. lie low, blot out, submerge, tuck away. cache, retreat, harbor, refuge, sanctuary, hideaway, haven, hideout, hiding place. ignore, overlook, connive, wink at, look the other way, turn a blind eye (to something), gloss over, play/act dumb, pass over, sweep aside. ambush (noun)
hiding place.
attribute (noun)
camouflage (noun)
camo, disguise.
concealment (noun)
concealment, stealth, cover, enshrouding, secrecy, censorship, hiddenness, Covertness, disguise, anonymity, obscurity.
disguise (noun)
mask, coverup, front, veil, deceit, concealment, cloak, beard, shroud, dissimulation, shade, paint, blind, cover, masquerade, screen.
invisibility (noun)
imperceptibility, latency, indiscernibility, darkness, invisibility.


conceal (verb)
censor, hush, cloak, obscure, hide, bury, screen, mask, conceal, blind, enshroud.
disguise, cover (verb)
dissemble, hide, obscure, conceal, dissimulate.

Other synonyms:

breastplate, armour, dappled, dissemble, dissimulate, pied, submerge, piebald, brindled, dress uniform, albino, beard, blouse, dander, dapple-gray, battledress, dewlap, exoskeleton, blot out. bearskin, cache. ensign, coat, tuck away, harbor, shroud, veil. armor, bay. brush. combat. down. conceal
masquerade, lie low, tuck away.