Synonyms for Dress:


pull on, slip into, try on, cover up, wrap up. bring back, anaesthetize, sheath, shift, catheterize, bypass, cauterize, bleed, catch, attend, anesthetize, sack. cocktail dress, put on, ballgown, dirndl, cheongsam, evening dress. blanch, bake, carve, chill, butcher, blend, butchery, bedeck, bone, beautiful, beat, butter. care for, plaid, national dress, sporran, bandage, tam-o'-shanter, national costume, loincloth, bind. till, touch, prepared, tend, culture. chew out, rebuke, chastise, attack, chide, admonish, rap, reprove, call down, tax, lambaste, call on the carpet, scold, upbraid, castigate, reprimand, let someone have it, reproach, praise, bawl out. article of clothing (noun)
artifact (noun)
clothes (noun)
duds, raiment.
clothing (noun)
corset, fur, gown, duds, blouse, brassiere, v neck, robe, ulster, chemise, sweat shirt, pillbox, cape, frock, kimono, shawl, turtle-neck, headdress, jacket, chapeau, pull over, panties, homburg, pea coat, smock, smoking jacket, evening gown, blazer, hat, sweater, clothing, slicker, raiment, blue jeans, bonnet, poncho, topcoat, parka, jersey, vesture, ensemble, garment, suit, shorts, housecoat, garb, clothes, sari, raincoat, bathrobe, vestment, stetson, camisole, burnoose, pants, trimming, stockings, dinner jacket, footgear, fez, tunic, doublet, pyjamas, skirt, dressing gown, pinafore, shoes, mackintosh, beret, cloak, sports coat, coat, halter, sweat suit, tuxedo, trench coat, scarf, windbreaker, jumper, crinoline, apparel, afghan, pajamas, bowler, wrapper, greatcoat, sarong, fedora, nightgown, t-shirt, trousers, kilt, caftan, boot, habit, slacks, overcoat, petticoat, shirt.
clothing; woman's garment (noun)
frock, outfit, attire, suit, smock, raiment, shift, apparel, pinafore, habit, skirt, vestment, costume, garb, gown, duds, robe, ensemble.
covering (noun)
dress (noun)
cut back, coiffure, full dress, attire, primp, frock, snip, coiffe, line up, preen, arrange, prune, garnish, trim, lop, DO, decorate, crop, clip, formal, set, dress out, plume, garb, coif.
dress down (noun)
reprimand, upbraid, castigate, chide, scold, reprove, rebuke.
dress up (noun)
suit (noun)


clothe (verb)
clothe, wear, costume, outfit, wrap, attire, accouter, array.
cover a wound (verb)
bandage, cauterize, bind, attend.
physically prepare; groom (verb)
fit, set, arrange.
prepare (verb)
draft, formulate, compose, prime, curry, devise, fashion, set, fit, marshal, equip, mobilize, make, furnish, arrange, fabricate, ready, construct, develop, prepare, foster.
put on clothing (verb)
clothe, primp, slip into, trim, array, wear, put on, decorate, bedeck.

Other synonyms:

tam-o'-shanter, cheongsam, cover up, national dress, slip into, national costume, loincloth, cocktail dress, pull on, ballgown, sporran, try on, dirndl. bandage, till, wrap up, evening dress, put on, plaid. bind, sheath. culture. shift. cover
cover up.
full dress.
get on
slip into.
line up.
Other relevant words:
crop, coiffure, carve, DO, sack, cheongsam, wrap up, ballgown, plume, bind, garnish, dress out, shift, national costume, put on, trim, evening dress, decorate, scold, clip, primp, cauterize, tend, dirndl, upbraid, reprimand, beat, coif, bawl out, cut back, till, snip, attend, lop, slip into, preen, care for, sporran, prune, bandage, chew out, formal, castigate, butcher, culture, sheath, cocktail dress, reprove, rebuke, coiffe, bedeck.

Usage examples for dress

  1. Madame, where did you find that dress – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. Is it full dress – The Lesser Bourgeoisie by Honore de Balzac
  3. Then how did it come that when Mrs. Greening and her daughter- in- law arrived a few minutes later you were all dressed up in a white dress – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden