Synonyms for Cloak:


plate, paint, membrane, surface, layer, mantle. duffel coat, dj, bomber jacket, pretext, anorak, bolero. put on, tuck away, submerge, blot out, lie low, stole. cloak (noun)
dissemble, mask.
clothing (noun)
parka, clothing, wrapper, mackintosh, cape, crinoline, skirt, panties, boot, dressing gown, headdress, outfit, shirt, ulster, attire, costume, beret, duds, garment, sweat suit, pants, pinafore, nightgown, smoking jacket, bathrobe, shoes, petticoat, vesture, chemise, evening gown, sarong, wrap, fedora, stetson, pyjamas, corset, pull over, dress, windbreaker, caftan, chapeau, topcoat, blazer, slicker, burnoose, clothes, stockings, raincoat, ensemble, smock, robe, overcoat, pillbox, shorts, sports coat, kimono, apparel, slacks, frock, housecoat, afghan, coat, fez, camisole, v neck, shawl, pea coat, turtle-neck, sweater, pajamas, garb, brassiere, hat, blouse, scarf, poncho, sari, raiment, array, trousers, trench coat, bonnet, habit, jumper, kilt, jacket, homburg, vestment, dinner jacket, gown, blue jeans, bowler, suit, sweat shirt, doublet, footgear, halter, t-shirt, jersey, fur, trimming, tunic, greatcoat, tuxedo.
covering (noun)
casing, patina, covering, dermis, canopy, envelope, veneer, skin, coating, screening, wrapping, shroud.


conceal (verb)
camouflage, obscure, blind, bury, screen, censor, conceal, hush, hide, disguise.
contact (verb)
cover (verb)
encase, envelop, overlay, veil, enshroud, blanket, sheath, cover, mask.
disguise (verb)
conceal, shroud, blanket, coat, veil, cover, dissemble, screen, obscure, hide.
perception (verb)
dissemble, mask.

Other synonyms:

false colors, Disguisement, bomber jacket, window dressing, stole, bolero, duffel coat, anorak. pretense, masquerade, mantle, semblance, dj, guise. coloring. front, gloss. put on. face. conceal
lie low, tuck away.
encase, enshroud.

Usage examples for cloak

  1. Their voices must have given warning of their coming, for a tall cavalier, wrapped in a cloak suddenly stepped from behind a broad- beamed elm. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  2. Although it was a warm day, she hung a cloak over her shoulders. – The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson
  3. " Go at once," Farnsworth repeated, " and get your cloak – Patty Blossom by Carolyn Wells