Synonyms for Feather:


cockscomb, gizzard, beak, collar, comb, bill. group, lot, sectional, nature, description, padded, folding, freestanding, pullout, manner, foldaway, RTA, fold-out, cast, queen-size. animal (noun)
plume, plumage.
category (noun)
kind, classification, degree, grade, clan, denomination, caste, designation, make, stamp, form, phylum, label, order, grain, stripe, category, rank, type, people, brand, genus, variety, genotype, Family, series, stock, ilk, sort, breed, species, step, mold, taxonomy, strain, race, kingdom, set, style, class, line, persuasion, level.
feather (noun)
plume, feathering, plumage, fledge, square.
quill (noun)
fringe, pulviplume, metallic scale, tuft, tail covert, Pinfeather, metallic, crest, contour, calamus, powder-down, rudder, dust, tail, covert, wing, duck, auricular, plumule, down, fin, Filoplume, rowing, ungrown, shaft, remex, Rectrix, semi-plume, half-feather, spike.
tuft of bird; plumage (noun)
fin, fringe, spike, shaft, plume, plumule, wing, down, calamus, crest.


competition (verb)

Other synonyms:

folding, freestanding, beak, gizzard, crest, wing, RTA, cockscomb, foldaway, queen-size, fold-out. padded. sectional. pullout, comb. description. collar, bill. lot, nature, manner. down. plumage
Other relevant words:
fringe, nature, collar, RTA, folding, manner, plumule, freestanding, wing, lot, fold-out, queen-size, down, metallic, foldaway, fin, powder-down, contour, plumage, shaft, half-feather, gizzard, plume, remex, group, cockscomb, ungrown, rowing, rudder, crest, comb, Rectrix, fledge, auricular, sectional, square, calamus, tail, pulviplume, feathering, tuft, pullout, bill, semi-plume, brand, covert, Filoplume, spike, beak, duck, dust, description, padded, Pinfeather, cast.

Usage examples for feather

  1. Every useless side line is a goat- feather – Goat-Feathers by Ellis Parker Butler
  2. Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health! – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck