Synonyms for Gown:


bomber jacket, anorak, bolero, duffel coat, dj. burka, oilskins, Overalls, jumpsuit, put on, apron, coveralls, burqa. chain mail, bloomers, bustle, codpiece, armour, bobby socks, armor. cocktail dress, cheongsam, formal, ballgown, dirndl, evening dress. clothing (noun)
frock, tunic, cape, raincoat, headdress, ulster, burnoose, bonnet, jumper, blazer, array, afghan, bowler, crinoline, sweat suit, sports coat, petticoat, blue jeans, kimono, robe, pinafore, blouse, chapeau, sweater, brassiere, evening gown, nightgown, pull over, skirt, wrap, sarong, halter, pajamas, duds, garb, fur, outfit, shoes, corset, turtle-neck, mackintosh, costume, dressing gown, homburg, bathrobe, shorts, smock, poncho, shirt, clothes, sweat shirt, pyjamas, tuxedo, raiment, vestment, apparel, ensemble, footgear, habit, t-shirt, caftan, parka, slicker, pillbox, pants, jacket, stockings, vesture, scarf, shawl, slacks, boot, clothing, fedora, hat, camisole, windbreaker, smoking jacket, panties, stetson, jersey, suit, doublet, chemise, kilt, trimming, wrapper, dress, trench coat, attire, trousers, beret, garment, fez, sari, topcoat, pea coat, overcoat, cloak, housecoat, dinner jacket, greatcoat, coat, v neck.
gown (noun)
surgical gown, robe, scrubs.
religious garment (noun)
vestments, surplice, Canonicals.
robe, dress (noun)
clothes, habit, garb, garment, costume, frock.

Other synonyms:

cocktail dress, cheongsam, coveralls, ballgown, dirndl, jumpsuit. evening dress. apron. formal. Other relevant words:
surgical gown, formal, scrubs, evening dress, apron, cheongsam, coveralls, dirndl, ballgown.

Usage examples for gown

  1. Perhaps I had better go in my dressing- gown – Stories and Pictures by Isaac Loeb Peretz
  2. " Beauty, how pale you look, and yet how perfectly lovely in this evening gown – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  3. " Helen is changing her gown and will be in shortly," the big man explained. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony