Synonyms for Clothing:


get up. thread, put on, dud, tog. attire (noun)
clothes, vestment, raiment, tog, habit, apparel, wear, garb, outfit, frock, array, ensemble, vesture, duds, dress, costume.
clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
tuxedo, apparel, footgear, afghan, jersey, stockings, raiment, shoes, jumper, scarf, stetson, vesture, wear, tunic, bonnet, ulster, camisole, dress, homburg, hat, pajamas, overcoat, doublet, fedora, outfit, clothes, sweat suit, wrap, mackintosh, shawl, smoking jacket, coat, trench coat, smock, garb, nightgown, crinoline, petticoat, cape, kilt, habit, bowler, attire, article of clothing, slicker, wrapper, costume, ensemble, pull over, pinafore, brassiere, beret, array, chapeau, cloak, raincoat, blue jeans, pants, sarong, slacks, chemise, dinner jacket, sweat shirt, poncho, bathrobe, kimono, wearing apparel, shorts, sweater, sports coat, evening gown, garment, robe, gown, windbreaker, fur, jacket, blouse, caftan, skirt, topcoat, t-shirt, trousers, pillbox, blazer, boot, frock, fez, headdress, greatcoat, suit, turtle-neck, duds, corset, vestment, sari, halter, shirt, parka, housecoat, burnoose, trimming, dressing gown, pyjamas, pea coat, v neck, panties.
suit (noun)
tog (noun)


clothing (verb)
wrapping, dressing, Arraying, Accoutering, costuming, wearing, Attiring, outfitting.
supplying (verb)
contributing, Providing, Granting, Replenishing, Donating, boarding, reloading, Dispensing, Endowing, Deploying, catering, Delivering, reinforcing, supplying, selling, feeding.

Other synonyms:

tog. dud, get up. thread. Other relevant words:
dud, article of clothing, wearing apparel, tog, thread, wear.

Usage examples for clothing

  1. Only long enough to change my clothing you will provide? – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  2. They all gave him clothing and good horses. – Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Unknown
  3. Will you go to the village and buy clothing for two little children, six and seven years old? – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell