Synonyms for Take:


dislodge, extract, get out, part, profit, sweep away, weed out, flush out. come by, get together, motion picture, shot. believe in, booty, catching, haul, imagine, suppose, suspect, swag, be a great/firm believer in something. cash in, cop, monetize, recover, claim back. clothe, dress, get dressed, nail, wrap up, try on, cover up, pull on, slip into. incline, sicken, adhere to, have a mind of your own, know best. action replay, break, clip, commentary, content, coverage, episode, filler, surprise, highlights, hit on, the credits. act, attack, carry out, execute, go about, over, perform. add up, allure, appeal, assess, attract, compute, entice, estimate, like, magnetize, project, prove, pull. dose, drug, go on, mouth, administration (of an estate), drug up. bed, couple, exploit, mate, sleep with, use, utilize, fall back on, draw on, go toward. earnings, income, living, minimum wage, pay, rise, salary, welcome, performance-related pay, starvation wages. advance, budge, manhandle, preempt, propel, roll, shunt. board, change, deplane, disembarkation, embark, get on, on, used. associate, compartmentalize, entail, hive off, isolate, look, muse, necessary, sentimentalize. award, crown, derive, kin, letter, recapture, sweep, walk off with, walk away with. abide, backfire, brook, burn up, cycle, endure, engagement, fire, flood, grind, idle, lump, stand, stomach, tolerate, cut out. consummate, function, lie with, make love, thrive, sleep together, be intimate with someone, jump into bed with someone, spend the night with someone. compass, comprehend, deceive, dig, double cross, entrap, fathom, grasp, ken, savvy, sense, string along, trick, twig, rip off. come up, construe, invoke, mention, note, raise, touch on, allude to, tell of, refer to, talk in terms of something. accompanied, bear up, brave out, put up with, grin and bear it, resign yourself (to something), take the bad with the good, take the rough with the smooth. blank, block, bobble, call, chop down, come off, come-on, deny, dive, take off. abate, bomb, deduct, discount, fail, flunk, increase, qualify, rebate, retake, subtract, knock off, dip out, resit. bilk, cheat, chisel, cozen, cram, defraud, diddle, flimflam, gyp, honest, mulct, research, review, rook, specialise, specialize, sting, swindle, trim, victimize. co-opt, favor, get off, leverage, pawn, resemble, same, run away with. prosper, work out, shape up, bear fruit. ground, induct, initiate, lecture, tutor. taste, touch, try. bring around, bring through, cart, bring along, bring over. flow, progress, walk-on, forge ahead. clock, fit out, gauge, measure, measure out, quantify, sound, pace out. perceive, make of, be quick/slow on the uptake, see both sides. cry out for, depend on, rely on, could do with something. elapse, intervene, passing, slip by, wear on, go by, creep by, tick away, the passage of time, time flies. look out for yourself/number one, have the hide of an elephant/rhinoceros, it's all the same to someone, not give a hoot/two hoots, not give/care a damn (about), someone couldn't care less, trample something/someone underfoot, not give a fig about/for something. corrupt (noun)
avaricious, corruptible, greedy, money-hungry.
profit (noun)
take (noun)
accept, acquire, adopt, aim, ask, assume, bring, call for, catch, catching, charter, choose, claim, conduct, consider, consume, contain, contract, convey, deal, demand, direct, drive, engage, exact, fill, film, get, get hold of, guide, have, hire, hold, ingest, involve, issue, lead, learn, lease, look at, make, necessitate, need, occupy, pack, part, payoff, pick out, postulate, proceeds, read, remove, rent, require, return, select, shoot, strike, study, submit, subscribe, subscribe to, take aim, take on, takings, train, undergo, use up, withdraw, yield, take away, take in, take up.


acquire (verb)
accumulate, add, assume, buy, claim, corner, fetch, garner, heap, incur, land, lure, net, palm, purchase, retrieve, score, wrangle.
captivate, enchant (verb)
allure, attract, magnetize.
capture (verb)
abduct, achieve, apprehend, arrest, capture, catch, collar, gain, get, obtain, occupy, secure, seize, snare, win.
cheat, deceive (verb)
bilk, cozen, defraud, flimflam, swindle, trick.
motion (verb)
possession (verb)
occupy, use up.
receive (verb)
absorb, accept, access, admit, assimilate, devour, eat, engorge, gobble, gulp, ingest, inhale, inspire, pocket, receive.
require (verb)
ask, call for, demand, necessitate, need.
subtract (verb)
deduct, discount, remove, take off, take away, knock off.
take (verb)
abduct, abide, accept, acquire, admit, amass, annex, apprehend, appropriate, arrest, assume, bag, bring, brook, capture, cart, charter, choose, collar, collect, commandeer, compass, comprehend, conduct, confiscate, consider, contain, convey, deprive, derive, devour, drive, eat, engage, entrap, execute, fetch, function, gain, gather, get, get hold of, grab, grasp, guide, harvest, haul, have, hire, hold, imagine, impound, ingest, inhale, lead, lease, levy, like, make, monopolize, nab, nail, obtain, pack, perceive, perform, pocket, preempt, procure, purchase, reap, receive, rent, secure, seize, select, sense, snare, stand, stomach, strike, suppose, suspect, tolerate, undergo, usurp, utilize, welcome, win, take in, rip off, put up with, grin and bear it.

Other synonyms:

bilk, budge, carry out, cry out for, diddle, dislodge, get out, go about, grasp, manhandle, propel, research, specialise, subtract, weed out, flush out, run away with. allure, chisel, co-opt, cop, cozen, cram, deduct, defraud, discount, endure, entice, extract, fathom, get on, magnetize, nail, pawn, preempt, profit, rebate, recapture, roll, shot, shunt, sicken, specialize, tolerate, twig, victimize, walk off with, walk away with. attract, cheat, construe, entail, execute, function, haul, ken, leverage, mulct, perceive, sting, sweep. abide, board, gyp, letter, pull, try, welcome. abate, depend on, derive, stand. award, bed, crown. review, make of. advance, dig, trim. act, taste. get off. touch. abide
put up with.
get hold of.
take up.
grin and bear it.
weed out.
subscribe to
subscribe to.
take away.
take in.
take up.
take over
Other relevant words:
adopt, booty, call for, conduct, contain, contract, convey, earnings, entail, grasp, haul, hold, income, involve, make, proceeds, profit, require, return, shot, stomach, swag, take on, takings, walk off with, run away with.

Usage examples for take

  1. No, sir, I didn't take it at all. – Jewel A Chapter In Her Life by Clara Louise Burnham
  2. Take it to him. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. He will have to take it." – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon