Synonyms for Robe:


slip into, wear, wrap up, pull on, get dressed, try on. bearer, mace, put on, emcee, mc, crown jewels, baton, orb, pageantry, master of ceremonies, cavalcade. article of clothing (noun)
artifact (noun)
clothing (noun)
coat, hat, nightgown, garment, pants, bonnet, turtle-neck, dinner jacket, clothes, headdress, brassiere, dressing gown, topcoat, pillbox, sweater, trench coat, pajamas, array, jumper, pinafore, fur, jersey, chapeau, bowler, chemise, sweat suit, sarong, bathrobe, shoes, footgear, petticoat, apparel, blouse, frock, stetson, skirt, habit, raincoat, caftan, clothing, blazer, parka, jacket, burnoose, fez, corset, scarf, pull over, gown, trimming, outfit, ulster, sports coat, pea coat, ensemble, wrap, shirt, evening gown, panties, tunic, duds, stockings, beret, camisole, kilt, overcoat, shawl, tuxedo, windbreaker, costume, slicker, blue jeans, raiment, wrapper, v neck, shorts, dress, garb, sweat shirt, halter, doublet, trousers, sari, crinoline, housecoat, greatcoat, smock, boot, t-shirt, poncho, mackintosh, homburg, vesture, cloak, suit, slacks, cape, kimono, smoking jacket, vestment, fedora, attire, afghan, pyjamas.
gown (noun)
negligee, tea gown, mantle, cassock, housedress, Draperies, covering, peignoir.
gown, often for wearing at home (noun)
kimono, garment, dress, vestment, negligee, housecoat, dressing gown, wrapper, cape, costume, frock, mantle, peignoir, outfit, habit, covering, bathrobe.
negligee (noun)
peignoir, camisole.
religious garment (noun)
surplice, vestments, Canonicals.
robe (noun)
vest, gown.


body (verb)

Other synonyms:

negligee. mantle. gown
Other relevant words:
mantle, covering, negligee, wrap up, cassock, peignoir, vest.

Usage examples for robe

  1. He was a gentleman, and a very handsome man, and could not help unconsciously wearing even his preposterous robe as it should be worn. – The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  2. The first thought that came to Dawn, on her arrival in the city, was the dream of her childhood,- the pure white robe and the damp, dark lanes. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams
  3. It is narrated, that, during the delivery of one of them, a priest threw off the mass- robe which he had already put on, with the words: " If the mass does not rest on firmer grounds, I will never celebrate it again." – The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli by Johann Hottinger