Synonyms for Bedding:


earth, molehill, rabbit warren, nest, habitat, lair, burrow, den, lodge. bedclothes (noun)
thermal blankets, duvets, counterpanes, sheets, blanket, pillowslips, Mattresses, duvet covers, eiderdowns, pillows, linens, comforter, bedskirts, mattress pads, spreads, bed linen, bedlinen, bedspreads, featherbeds, bolster, patchwork quilts, covers, dust ruffles, quilts, comforters, canopy, afghan, bedspread, counterpane, pillow shams, coverlets, pillowcases.
bedding (noun)
litter, bedding material, bedclothes, bed clothing.
bed sheet (noun)
bed linen.
covering for sleeping furniture (noun)
bed linen, blanket, bedclothes, bedspread, comforter.

Other synonyms:

habitat, molehill, bedspread. rabbit warren, lair, den, comforter. burrow. earth. lodge. nest. bedclothes
bedlinen, bolster, blanket, bedclothes, counterpane, canopy, afghan.
Other relevant words:
molehill, afghan, blanket, nest, lair, bed linen, bedspread, counterpane, den, earth, bolster, bedclothes, comforter.

Usage examples for bedding

  1. He went to his tumbled bunk in a corner, sat down on it, thrusting the box out of sight under the untidy heap of dirty bedding – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  2. On the cottage side appeared an old garden, but the new wing was surrounded by lawns and decorated with carpet bedding – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume
  3. Sparks, flakes, cinders, pieces of roof, and fiery pebbles seemed to fill the air, and often cries and shrieks announced that furniture and bedding which had been dragged thither, and even the clothing of women and children, were burning. – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe