Synonyms for Clothe:


cover up, slip into, wrap up, pull on, try on. put on. mantle. Infold, show, enwrap, envelop, veil, enshroud, enfold, shroud. clothe (noun)
habilitate, garb, invest, tog, enclothe, dress, apparel, raiment, garment, adorn, fit out.
dress (noun)
deck out, don, shroud, gown, mantle, cover, turn out, bundle up, coat, put garments on, caparison, bedeck, muffle up, jacket, rig out, disguise.


clothe (verb)
wrap, dress, costume, attire, wear, array, accouter, outfit.
cover with apparel (verb)
tog, apparel, coat, garb, dress, disguise, turn out, gown, bundle up, mantle, accouter, attire, enwrap, costume, jacket, array, raiment, invest, caparison, outfit, fit out, habilitate, endow.
social (verb)
invest, adorn.
supply (verb)
dispense, endow, reload, feed, provide, deploy, replenish, cater, deliver, supply, contribute, board, sell, grant, reinforce, donate.

Other synonyms:

rig out, slip into, pull on, try on, turn out, cover up. put on, mantle, enwrap, enshroud, Infold, don, bundle up, wrap up. envelop, shroud, enfold. veil. cover
cover up.
Other relevant words:
raiment, caparison, invest, enclothe, veil, tog, coat, enshroud, don, muffle up, adorn, gown, deck out, mantle, bedeck, enwrap, cover up, Infold, bundle up, garment, jacket, wrap up, rig out, disguise, enfold, shroud, garb, habilitate, cover, put on, envelop, apparel, fit out.

Usage examples for clothe

  1. And I want to learn to make money, so that I can help Blanche and Harry and Nannette; because after a while it will cost a great deal to clothe and feed and educate them; and you and Uncle Albert have your own children to take care of." – Mildred's New Daughter by Martha Finley
  2. The use of Latin words often gives clearness and melody to style; and instead of a violent effort to Saxonize his writing, an author should clothe his thoughts in the diction that is most fitting and expressive. – Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism by F. V. N. Painter
  3. Men who live in the wilderness, and feed and clothe themselves on the things they raise with their own hands, have no fine- spun theories about the laws that provide revenue for a Government they never saw, don't want to see, and couldn't understand if they did. – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith