Synonyms for Theme:


business, coda, rag, counterpoint, arpeggio, stuff, accompaniment, excerpt, cadence, flourish, descant, line, affair, crescendo, breakbeat, subject matter. allegro, cantata, concerto, chorus, adagio, arrangement, bass, chant, air, strain, thematic, andante. chalkboard, blue book, crib, all-nighter, description, dictation, classwork, exercise book, eraser, blackboard. meaning, referent, item, ground. words. air (noun)
cognition (noun)
composition (noun)
cantata, concerto.
idea, subject matter (noun)
line, thesis, matter, problem, motif, text, affair, point, question, stuff, subject, motive, business, topic, argument.
melody (noun)
euphony, tunefulness, tune, harmoniousness, concert, song, melody, consonance, motive, ditty, concord.
theme (noun)
idea, paper, melodic theme, report, musical theme, composition, motif, subject, stem, topic, root, root word, radical, base.
topic (noun)
thesis, opinion, contention, position, topic, exposition, consideration, question, inference, paradigm, text, motif, axiom, query, basis, matter, argument, postulation, idea, assertion, belief, essay, presumption, premise, statement, issue, hypothesis, subject, principle, theorem, point, problem, assumption, dissertation, concept, conjecture.
written composition (noun)
essay, description, dissertation, exposition, report, statement, paper.

Other synonyms:

referent. chorus, subject matter. air. ground. Other relevant words:
bass, crib, base, concerto, cadence, radical, andante, stem, classwork, melodic theme, affair, chorus, counterpoint, arpeggio, root word, line, dictation, arrangement, meaning, rag, composition, air, allegro, cantata, adagio, flourish, report, business, crescendo, eraser, blackboard, descant, accompaniment, referent, ground, all-nighter, description, coda, words, musical theme, thematic, paper, chalkboard, stuff, excerpt, breakbeat, root, strain, chant, item.

Usage examples for theme

  1. So for the next hour they walked up and down trying in vain to talk upon outside topics, and coming back again and again to the same painful theme – Sisters Three by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. Adventure and travel I know were your theme Well, how did the real compare with the dream? – Three Women by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  3. Nobody ever heard of a play with such an absurd theme reaching permanent success. – Abraham Lincoln by John Drinkwater