Synonyms for Staff:


andante, con brio, adagio, con amore, ARR, bass clef, allegro, bar line, clef. help, appoint, recruit, sign, sign on, organization, engage, personnel, confirm, take on, employ, hire, cast, retain. corset, braces, corps, cotton, bandage, cotton ball, collar, escort, band aid, compress. crown jewels, emcee, cavalcade, cane, master of ceremonies, bearer, mace, walking stick, mc, pageantry, machine. color, jolly roger, blue peter, checkered flag, mast, flag, bunting, ensign, hammer and sickle. serve, double as, collaborate, fill someone's shoes, be your own boss, work, cover for, volunteer, take in. labor market, payroll, profession, labor, people. badge (noun)
ermine, signet, baton, tartan, tiara, insignia, coronet, mantle, crown, seal, mortarboard, badge, scepter, uniform, orb, pin, wand, pall, regalia, emblem, talisman.
crew (noun)
company, bunch, coalition, troupe, nest, cadre, colony, troop, phalanx, fraternity, covey, regiment, collection, outfit, string, ring, crowd, party, junta, club, coterie, wing, crew, brigade, set, clique, host, league, body, gang, army, herd, division, litter, detail, team, platoon, assembly, flock, mob, cell, posse, circle, pack, clan, group, cabal, squad, detachment, hive, bevy, battalion, aggregation, retinue, caucus, fleet, force, society, drove, band, assemblage, tribe, school, union, faction, fellowship, sect, complement.
employees of organization (noun)
crew, organization, cadre, team, personnel, force, cast, faculty, help.
shaft (noun)
pole, bar, post, shaft, stick, tunnel, rod, stem, elevator shaft, mine shaft, stalk, flagpole.
staff (noun)
faculty, stave.
stick, usually for walking (noun)
club, pole, wand, walking stick, stave, cane, rod.
walking stick (noun)
walking stick.
weapon (noun)

Other synonyms:

mace, payroll, double as, labor market, personnel. collaborate, cast, help, cover for. profession. volunteer. labor, people. take in. serve. work. cane
walking stick.
walking stick
Other relevant words:
corset, corps, employ, organization, bearer, walking stick, ensign, help, stave, bar line, hire, mast, hammer and sickle, cane, collar, faculty, flag, appoint, sign, people, cast, mace, personnel, engage.

Usage examples for staff

  1. The staff are doing well. – My War Experiences in Two Continents by Sarah Macnaughtan
  2. None of the rest of the staff will come in until we're through. – Anything You Can Do by Gordon Randall Garrett
  3. His position in the company is that of a member of the staff of the general manager or president. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb