Synonyms for Chamber:


hall, anteroom, control room, office, antechamber, changing room, boiler room, atrium, booth, airlock. box, checkroom, cloakroom, clubhouse, coat check, chest, bathroom, ballroom, coatroom, case, auditorium, container. innards, cavity, guts, organ, canal, part, organic, entrails, government, apparatus. bower, bath, den, boudoir, conservatory, attic. calibre, clip, caliber, barrel, bore, bayonet, gauge, hammer, butt. stand, witness box, jury box, bench, chambers, bullpen, witness stand, the dock, chancery. diet, dissolution, constituency, lower house, dissolve, floor, the Dail, parliamentarian. bedroom (noun)
chamber (noun)
bedroom, bedchamber, sleeping room.
council (noun)
board, congregation, caucus, panel, body, coalition, legislature, convention, conference, symposium, cabinet, tribunal, meeting, parliament, committee, court, cadre, congress, quorum, inquisition, forum, league, council, faction, summit, assembly.
legislative body (noun)
council, assembly, legislature.
receptacle (noun)
room (noun)
cubicle, cell, room.
small compartment, room (noun)
box, cavity, chest, container, room, cell, bedroom, bedchamber, cubicle, case, antechamber, hall.

Other synonyms:

airlock, boiler room, lower house, calibre, hall, the Dail, boudoir, cloakroom, canal, attic, clubhouse, antechamber, conservatory, coat check, coatroom, den, ballroom, checkroom, anteroom, control room, changing room, entrails, bathroom. bore, caliber, constituency, government, organ, cavity, booth, bayonet, guts, bower, atrium, innards. dissolution, organic, bath, apparatus. gauge, office, dissolve, diet. case, barrel. hammer, clip. part. floor. Other relevant words:
ballroom, organ, hammer, airlock, diet, attic, chest, conservatory, hall, bench, canal, atrium, container, checkroom, bedchamber, booth, organic, clip, government, antechamber, bedroom, bower, sleeping room, cavity, entrails, boudoir, dissolve, box, calibre, den, apparatus, office, constituency, floor, part, case.

Usage examples for chamber

  1. So whoe'er they be, all is not well, I'll to Florinda's Chamber – The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. I (of 6) by Aphra Behn
  2. If we were to get into that chamber we must do it ourselves, and we must do it quickly. – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve
  3. So Master- mind in his girl form was brought from the chamber of the princess, and he said to the king: Your Majesty, I was brought here by somebody for a given purpose. – Twenty-two Goblins by Unknown