Synonyms for Know:


christen, call, appreciate, baptize, call after, ken, remember, name after, number off, name, go by, answer to, prize. discover, apprehend, detect, observe. encode, associate, fluency, false beginner, communicative competence, identify, code switching, anglophone, bilingual, fluent, fidelity. educated, deduce, aware, conscious, get the idea, knowing, see the light, have a feel for something, make sense of something, knowledgeable, work out, fall/fit into place, privy. knowledge, mix, socialize, pal around, compass, circulate, associate with, fathom, hang around with, go around. meet, believe in, prove, feel/know something in your bones, bet the farm, taste, swear to, undergo, depend on, suffer, participate. relive, savor, think back, stick in your mind/memory, recall, feelings, be stamped on your memory/mind, recollect, do something from memory, bring/call someone/something to mind. encounter, be reared on something. same, have on, differentiate, sense, know of, discriminate, know full/perfectly well, have heard of, separate, be alive to something, possess, tell. close your ears to something, shut your ears to something, close your ears (to). know (noun)
cognize, jazz, get laid, have intercourse, experience, recognise, sleep with, hump, love, bang, eff, have a go at it, have it off, get it on, have it away, lie with, make out, have sex, bonk, make love, recognize, be intimate, cognise, live, acknowledge, bed, do it.


be familiar with (verb)
savor, associate, identify, taste.
know (verb)
discern, comprehend, recognize, grasp, understand, perceive.
understand information (verb)
comprehend, experience, prize, perceive, recognize, get the idea, discriminate, differentiate, fathom, ken, cognize, discern, undergo, grasp, apprehend, appreciate.

Other synonyms:

ken, deduce, swear to, hang around with, socialize. associate with, know of. circulate, fathom, differentiate, discriminate, prove, believe in, tell, apprehend. have on, depend on, work out, suffer, possess. taste, go around. mix. separate. meet. classify
Other relevant words:
conscious, bang, knowledge, christen, fathom, socialize, be intimate, fluency, bilingual, circulate, comprehend, get it on, know of, have it away, associate with, savor, detect, call, aware, recollect, remember, recall, knowledgeable, educated, live, bed, do it, knowing, participate, jazz, appreciate, baptize, fluent, fidelity, hump, privy, get the idea, have it off, same, observe, encode, name, anglophone, possess, deduce, identify, experience, mix, prove, relive, love, undergo, make love, bonk, cognise, make out, feelings, meet, acknowledge, compass, ken, encounter, eff, sense, prize, separate, have a go at it, get laid, sleep with, cognize, lie with, recognise, discriminate, discover, taste, associate, differentiate, apprehend, tell, suffer.

Usage examples for know

  1. Oh, how did you know – The Dorrance Domain by Carolyn Wells
  2. I don't know I didn't think of it. – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach