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neck - 134 results
Other synonyms:

be discharged, recognize, fret, tell apart, recognise, collar, glug, have sex, feel up, come, catgut, do, armhole, foreplay, know, undergo, be intimate, girth, guzzle, belly button, belt, jazz, neck opening, spoon, groundwater, roll in the hay, bang, drink to, hump, lie with, chest, discern, sound, open water, force down, bib, sleep together, get by, ace, have intercourse, bodice, cervix uteri, zone, grapple, sleep with, throat, part, cervix, step, issue, buttonhole, arm, eff, sex, make out, pet, back, French kiss, breast, pick out, hammer, write out, do it, key, hairline, deal, belly, fellatio, bellows, strait, inlet, down, have it away, bed, damper, shouting distance, fare, heart, breast pocket, drumstick, fondle, narrows, chug, grope, hairbreadth, screw, nape, stone's throw, love, channel, care label, bow, corridor, choke down, make love, ground, get along, fill in, gulp, coattails, bonk, contend, have a go at it, flank, suffer, hop, get laid, fill out, cope, gorge, lagoon, cut, and jump, uterine cervix, front, complete, cunnilingus, field, get it on, body, make do, manage, goose, distinguish, tract, land, inch, spot, abdomen, have it off, bridge, skip, canoodle, head.

Examples of usage:

They will say they knew you would break your neck some night." - "First Fam'lies of the Sierras", Joaquin Miller.

My mother threw her arms round my neck and burst into tears. - "With Axe and Rifle", W.H.G. Kingston.

Her arm stole round her father's neck. - "Elsie's Womanhood", Martha Finley.

Similar words:

polo-neck, neck bone, neck ruff, neck sweetbread, crew neck, polo-neck collar, long-neck clam, pain in the neck, nec.

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