Synonyms for Field:


absorbance, centripetal force, centrifugal force, bonding, capillary action, attraction, calorific, amplitude, balance, air resistance. address, tackle, terrain, department, scene, handle, make the best of something, take something on board, bag, see about, face, deal with, combat, do something. all-American, conference, club, blue, center, backfield, boy, back, ballplayer, center forward. competitor, all-comers, entrant, contestant, favorite, candidate, contender, favourite, the competition. smash, shoot, play, kick, pass, dribble, knock, cross, hook, strike at. sign on, sign, retain, engage, recruit, confirm, hire, appoint, employ, take on. 20/20 vision, eagle eye, eyesight, cataract, eye, binocular vision, double vision, astigmatism, blind spot, the blind. clipboard, browse mode, autoflow, clip art, automatic hyphenation, bug, edit, autosave, file format. corral, fold, paddock, kraal, barnyard, pasture, farmyard, chicken run. beachhead, emplacement, cockpit, bridgehead, disputed, bastion, breach, dugout, buffer zone. block, deny, chop down, call, come off, blank, bobble, come-on, dive. lagoon, sound, groundwater, Narrows, channel, open water, neck, inlet. heath, lea, Downs, green, grassland, moor, moorland. area (noun)
precinct, quarter, turf, stretch, locality.
arena (noun)
circuit, colosseum, ground, enclosure, beat, locale, ring, gallery, domain, battle-ground, auditorium, province, dominion, turf, precinct, stage, bailiwick, hall, arena, courtyard, campus, hippodrome, pen, theater, setting, battlefield, gymnasium, circus, circle, realm, amphitheater.
arena with special use, as athletics (noun)
circuit, lot, turf, battlefield, amphitheater, playing area, theater.
athletic field (noun)
playing field.
extent (noun)
zone, plateau, room, space, scale, span, leeway, stretch, territory, volume, range, neighborhood, area, acreage, dimension, length, extent, scope, reach, region, plane, measure.
farm (noun)
earth, agricultural, rural, meadow, bucolic, outdoor, earthen, agrarian, pastoral, stock, soil.
field (noun)
champaign, landing field, playing field, orbit, field of battle, line of business, field of study, plain, field of force, subject area, airfield, domain, field of view, study, force field, athletic field, playing area, area, flying field, battlefield, field of operation, battleground, bailiwick, arena, branch of knowledge, discipline, subject, subject field, sphere.
green (noun)
handle (noun)
catch, reply to, retrieve, parry, pick up, answer, cover, respond to, take care of.
landing field (noun)
airfield, flying field.
meadow (noun)
open land that can be cultivated (noun)
acreage, moorland, pasture, green, meadow, lea, territory, tract, enclosure, range, ground, plot, grassland, terrain.
region (noun)
lot, earldom, canton, country, district, kingdom, dukedom, empire, colony, riding, division, borough, quarter, locality, commonweal, municipality, duchy, county, place, shire, sector, plot, nation, state, tract, town, parcel, city.
sphere of influence, activity, interest, study (noun)
area, dominion, orbit, circle, domain, discipline, region, scope, bailiwick, province, department, precinct, champaign, reach.
stadium (noun)
athletic field.


catch a hit or thrown object (verb)
handle, cover, retrieve, play, pick up, deal with.

Other synonyms:

file format, kraal, Narrows, all-comers, clip art, autoflow, farmyard, automatic hyphenation, autosave, browse mode, lea, grassland, contender, chicken run, contestant, favorite, department, groundwater, moorland, paddock, heath, favourite. clipboard, corral, lagoon, entrant, barnyard, open water, competitor, candidate. bag, terrain. fold. bug, neck. edit, scene. channel. green. sound. grass
grazing land

Usage examples for field

  1. It is the face of a lad who could not stay at home when he thought he was needed in the field – The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
  2. But the field beyond was Lord Maxwell's. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. You know where the old field is? – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson