Synonyms for Down:


damaged (adjective)
dejected (adjective)
depressed (adjective)
unhappy, spiritless, heavy-hearted, dysphoric, melancholic, tristful.
low (adjective)


underneath, prostrate, after, beyond, by, under, along, Resting, apart, before, below. bound for something, out of order, across, inoperative, oncoming, Into, advancing, from all sides, ahead, broken, direct. best-of-breed, trample in the dust, asynchronous, backward-compatible, clickable, active, compatible, HIT, case-sensitive, bursty, topple, Antivirus, drink, knock out, tackle, throw, compatibility, upset, overturn, gulp down, trip. attack, sluggish, concede, bury, dull, cushion, slack, soft, deadlock, aggregate, off, all, chalk something up, slow, increase, assist. ill, clockwise, health, laid up, cross country, homeward, unwell, eastbound, poorly, downwind, left, counterclockwise. worse, frail, sad, unfit, failing, fragile, infectious. comedown, airlift, climb, descent, rise, come down, eject, captain, downfall, buzz, ditch, bank. thrash, smash. anymore, past, at an end, complete, exhausted, mission accomplished. battered, shot, wrecked, faulty, flawed, Trashed. dewlap, beard, camouflage, coat, brush, armour, exoskeleton, dander, armor. bouncy, ascending, skyward. metabolize, burn, go down, ingestion, digest, assimilate, stay down, metabolise, absorb. collar, beak, comb, gizzard, feather, cockscomb, bill, crest. bottom, subnormal, sunken, low-level, lower, rock bottom. come down to, cut off, be descended from, come into, bequest, come to, birthright, beneficiary, claimant, bequeath. demolish, cannibalize, choke down, chomp, champ, bolt, chow down, crunch, bite. homesick, bleak, subdued. at cost, mail order, BOGOF, open market, freemium, wholesale, retail, first refusal. plummet, plunge, descend, slip, lose your balance/footing. paddock, moorland, Downs, meadow, green, moor, heath, field, lea, grassland. deterioration (noun)


lower (preposition)

Other synonyms:

bank, eject, faulty, exponential, sluggish, comedown, eddy, gathering, maelstrom, subnormal, cross country, airlift, poorly, downfall, sunken, unwell, low-level, flawed, bouncy, Against. armor, ill, retail, comb, ebb, wholesale. under, bottom, buzz, lower, about, below, brush. slow, downgrade, current, climb. off, lay, throw, drip, bolt, go down, collar, apart, descent, bill. burn. flow, around. course. soft. in. consume
chow down.
flip over
choke down.
in low spirits
heavy-hearted, unhappy, desolate, sad, spiritless, wistful, dull, tristful, dysphoric, melancholic, melancholy.

Usage examples for down

  1. " Help me down please. – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  2. Come on over and sit down – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  3. When do you go down – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker